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Are you traveling with bobbleheads? What you need to know

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Do you have a collection of bobbleheads? Are you planning to travel with your bobbleheads? Undoubtedly, it’s essential to carry their bobbleheads while traveling. If you have small kids, they will be busy and will have lots of fun during the excursion. Bobbleheads mimic celebrities and famous people.

If you need some custom bobbleheads here, it is a smart way to customize your adventure. Below here, we have a few tips on how you can make your trip more comfortable when traveling with bobbleheads.

Confirm first if it’s safe to travel with toys

If you are planning to take a flight, it’s important to confirm with your travel agency if it’s safe to travel with the bobbleheads. Most airlines allow toys, however not all. It’s important to confirm first if you can bring your bobbleheads along. It can be pretty frustrating leaving them behind, and this can make your child have a dull trip.

Bobbleheads are safe toys that most airlines allow. Some pilots normally have custom bobbleheads of planes, and therefore they are considered safe to travel with.

Customize the bobblehead to blend with your tour

If you travel frequently, you can customize the bobblehead. For example, you can wear a red shirt and match with blue bottoms. A rucksack bag will complement the appearance and black shoes. If you are traveling all over the world, you will certainly enjoy different settings and sceneries with this type of bobblehead.

Also, you can have a customized bobblehead with an overall blue coat and khaki trousers. With one hand holding the earth, this bobblehead shows that you are a global tourist.

Keep your child entertained

While traveling with kids is a fun way, toys such as bobbleheads can keep them entertained. Most likely, parents know what keeps their child entertained while on the go. Whether you are taking a flight or a road trip with your child, it’s important to carry for them toys. 

There are several customized bobblehead toys you can choose for your child. There are several themes to choose for your child, depending on the season — for example, Christmas or Halloween. Look out for lightweight toys to avoid carrying a heavy load.

If there is no time to shop for toys, you can simply order for your favorite characters and have them delivered at home or your office.

Bobbleheads and sports travel

Certainly, bobbleheads are popular and millions of people a huge collection of them. Sports personnel have custom made bobbleheads for hockey, baseball, and all major sports. The craze is just impressive. They are used to entertain fans and are given as gifts to fans. 

Without a double, most people travel far and wide to watch a game and get a bobblehead gift. Bobbleheads help boost the attendance of matches, and this boosts the earnings of the promoters. Each bobblehead has a story to tell, and this is what makes it unique.

Order a bobblehead that will leave a long-lasting impression

Before you begin your journey, you want it to be memorable, and that’s why you carry a bobblehead with you. To remember the trip, order a bobblehead that will create a long-lasting impression of your voyage. The fact that bobbleheads have custom made options make it easy for you to choose a specific design. Tailor-made solutions will enable you to pick your favorite bobblehead for your travel.

Carry just enough

The bobblehead craze is not ending anytime soon. More and more people are collecting their favorite bobbleheads. Are one of those people who wouldn’t want to leave their bobbleheads behind during travel? Well, carry just enough. Carrying a lot of luggage might be expensive and cumbersome, more so if you are taking a short trip.  

Select the favorite bobbleheads and pack them in your suitcase. If you are taking a flight, there’s no need to packing all of them as they might increase your luggage load. Since you may not carry everything, you can order a specific bobblehead for the trip. Then, when you get back home, you can keep it amongst your collection of bobbleheads.

Bobblehead gifts? Organize for courier services

Probably you want to giveaway bobbleheads to a team of players who have won a basketball contest or a match. They might be in their dozens, and most likely, you may not be able to carry everything. In this case, you can organize for someone to help with the luggage. 

Alternatively, you can book a courier service to help dispatch the bobbleheads to the team. If you are ordering custom bobbleheads, it becomes easy since you can arrange with the supplier to have the bobbleheads delivered to the team. 

Handle with care during travel

Of course, you don’t want to reach your destination with broken bobbleheads. Whether you are carrying the bobbleheads in your car or flying, it’s important to handle with care. Don’t place other things on top of your favorite toy and you can be assured, you’ll get to your destination with your bobbleheads in one piece.


If you adore your bobblehead, there is no reason as to why you should leave them behind during travel. Likewise, if you have small kids, carry the bobbleheads to make the trip enjoyable and memorable. Traveling with bobbleheads is easy more so if you plan to ensure everything runs smoothly. Most decisively take care of your bobbleheads during travel. 

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