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Armenia Road Trip

On an excursion tour in Armenia, you will immerse yourself in the exoticism of this ancient country. Through all known countries, this rough diamond is not always visible. Did you know that Armenia is the birthplace of barbecue, yes, that everyone, and also dolma? And Armenian cuisine is not inferior to any country, but in terms of drinks, it is generally ahead. This is a mill of delicious wine, ripe apricots, and the most delicious bread and lavash. There, the simplest fish is trout, and then whitefish and kebab from Sevan crayfish is a separate art of taste.

The country is filled with antiques and Christianity. Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity as a state religion. And Armenian churches are not like anything at all. Almost without icons and priests, but located in places that will take your breath away. Places are like high mountains.

This country is small, but there is so much to see and discover. So to discover everything, you need a car. You can rent a car in Armenia by driving on your own or just rent a guide. We will give you a small guide with which route will travel through Armenia.

The first day – Yerevan. The capital of Armenia. The city is older than Rome itself. Punching there depends on the time you wake up. We will tell you what to see in Yerevan if you decide to walk on your own. There are many interesting places for tourists. In the evening you can take a walk around the city, visit the Cascade – the Center for Contemporary Art, where original works of famous sculptors from all over the world are collected. From the upper platform of the Cascade, we will admire the panorama of the evening Yerevan against the background of Ararat. And at the end of the day, be sure to organize a dinner in a colorful restaurant.

On the morning of the 2nd day, rent a car and go for the whole day to see the main sights located near Yerevan. From the Charents arch, we will have a stunning view of the vastness of Armenia. In the Azat river valley, you will see the “Stone Symphony” – unique walls made of 30-meter hexagonal pillars (included in the top 10 most amazing basalt formations in the world!). Visit the restored antique temple of Garni and the famous Geghard – one of the oldest and most amazing monasteries in Armenia. Its churches are partially carved into the rocks. It is dark inside the main temple: only a small hole in the dome and candles serve as lighting. The temple has wonderful acoustics and play of light. Then return to Yerevan for an evening walk. Take a look at singing fountains in Republic Square and have a wonderful dinner.

On the 3rd day, you say goodbye to Yerevan and go to Lake Sevan – the largest in the Caucasus. This mountain lake is located at an altitude of 1900 m above sea level. On a high cape, which used to be an island, in the 9th century, the Sevanavank monastery was built, wonderfully fitting into the panorama of Sevan. You can climb a hundred steps to it. The bravest one can swim in the invigorating and clear water of the Armenian Sea. You can also spend lunchtime on the shore. Armenia is a fishy country and you can dine with kebabs from Sevan crayfish and perfectly cooked sterlet. A short drive and you will be on the eastern shore of Sevan. The coast is deserted. Here, in a pine forest, you can spend the night on the shore of the lake in tents. The romance will be provided.

On the fourth day you can leave this beautiful land and head to Goris, where, if you have time, you can walk through the “stone forest” with many bizarre statues and caves. Without losing the pace, rush to the pearl of Armenia – the Tatev monastery. We promise you will fly! The cable car “Wings of Tatev”, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, about 6 km long, will take you high above the deep valleys and you can climb mountain steeps to the famous monastery, see ancient churches and Gavazan – a swinging column. After lunch, take a look at the entrance to the Devil’s Cave with colored stalactites and warm mineral baths. And if you wish,  plunge into an underground river. A short transfer and you are in Sisian, where you will spend the night in a small hotel.

Armenians have treasured their artistic traditions, which reflect a unique culture and landscape, since antiquity. Aspects of ordinary life are captured through needlework, decorations, carvings, and design in the most beautiful way possible.
Churches, for example, have creative illustrations in frescoes and reliefs, making architecture one of Armenia’s most attractive art forms. Sculpture may be seen in practically every Armenian city, town, and village.
Armenians are passionate about music and have been generating beautiful tunes for generations. Sharakans are traditional Armenian liturgical tunes that are currently enjoying a resurgence.

In the morning, visit the amazing Karahunj (Armenian Stonehenge). Turning off the main highway, you find yourself in a side gorge, through a deep canyon with vertical walls, climbing to the red rocks that surround the Noravank monastery like an amphitheater. In the rays of the setting sun, the rocks and the monastery look fantastic! And then Arena, famous for its wineries. Head to the fortress-monastery of Khor Virap. From here, the Turkish border and the legendary Mount Ararat seem to be on the doorstep. An unforgettable picture – a small church behind the fortress walls against the backdrop of a huge snowy mountain! In the evening you will already be in Byurakan, located at the foot of the Aragats volcano – the highest mountain in Armenia. And at the astronomical observatory, you can watch the stars and the moon.

Scholars have pointed to the Caucasus region, particularly Armenia, as the birthplace of rug and carpet weaving. This tradition is carried on by Armenians, and there are numerous businesses specializing in excellent new and antique rugs and carpets. Rug vendors set up shop at the weekend flea market, displaying their eye-catching wares in vibrant colors and patterns. At the same market, you’ll find a plethora of attractive handicrafts that will be difficult to avoid buying. Handmade crafts, Armenian gold, precious and semi-precious stones, and Armenian gold inspire jewelers from all over the world. Jewelry, desk accessories, and decorative objects are all made from obsidian stone.

In the morning, along a difficult road, drive up to an altitude of 3150 m by car to the lake Kari-lich. The road to it in May-June is surrounded by snowy walls, and the view of the giant Ararat is simply beautiful. Here you leave your cars and walk lightly along the stone talus to the southern summit of Aragats (3880 m), the ascent takes from 4 to 5 hours. For those who do not dare to participate in the ascent – walks near and around the lake, rest in a cafe, photo sessions.

You will return to Yerevan and your mini trip in this beautiful country will finish. At the end of the trip, you conclude the trip with an excursion around Yerevan. You can buy souvenirs to commemorate your trip to generous and hospitable Armenia. Also, you can take a walk or visit the Ararat brandy factory. On the last day, eat something delicious and have some rest in your free time in this beautiful city.

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