As a self-publisher, where do you look for distribution platforms?

You may produce the most fantastic book ever, but without appropriate distribution, you won’t be able to achieve your sales goals. Although several reliable and beneficial distribution platforms are available, you must select one suitable for your ebook.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Good Distribution Platform?

You might believe that all distribution platforms are comparable and perform the same function. While this is somewhat true to a certain extent, there are several significant distinctions between distribution platforms. Each can provide different distribution results for your book, depending on the forum.

You need to look no farther for help finding a self-publisher platform that suits your goals. You want to have the best from the platform you pick, which is why there are some of the advantages which you can get when using the proper distribution platform for you:

·         Measuring the campaign’s success.

A decent distribution platform can help you reach the appropriate demographic. You should utilize a publishing platform that links you to a proper audience for your book. You’ll notice a rise in sales and interest in your work.


·         It’s far more cost-effective.

A significant advantage of utilising a distribution channel as a self-publisher is that it is more cost-effective. When compared to large publishing firms, self-publishing platforms have meager prices. Most distribution systems will be cost-effective, but you should select one that matches your budget and goals.


·         The book creation process will be less stressful as a result of this.

As a self-publisher, it might be daunting. You have to take care of many things that are one thing off your to-do list when you find a reputable distributor. You may trust an expert to distribute your book successfully.


·         Accurate statistics are available.

The numbers are significant when publishing a book because they let you know how well it’s doing. If you opt for a reputable distribution business, they’ll provide you with an in-depth analysis of your sales and stats. This will for sure assist you in determining effectively how your book is selling and where improvements are required.


·         There is no gatekeeper.

Another advantage of self-publisher over traditional publishing is that you don’t have to worry about restrictions or getting gatekept. Anyone may put out a book, and no one will stand in the way of its publication.


Self-Publishing Platforms: A List of Both Free and Paid Options

You could be perplexed about where to start when locating all the various distribution platforms available. There are many self-publishing firms you may explore. Although they are all fantastic alternatives, you should research carefully to see whether the platform suits your needs.


Self-publishers should read our guidelines for submitting items.

Before they submit their work to a publisher, most authors follow a set of standards. Self-publisher must also observe specific regulations. Before you submit your book, keep the following rules in mind.


·         Hire an Editor for Your Book

As the author of your book, you may miss out on mistakes you’ve made throughout its creation. This makes it prudent to hire an editor for your book to tidy up your work. It’s also beneficial to employ a fresh set of eyes to edit and review your book. They can provide you with comments and recommendations for improving your entire writing career.


·         Hire a Designer for Your Book Cover Cover Design

As a writer, you’re probably less familiar with designing. You can pay a freelance graphic designer to make an excellent book cover if that’s the case. A book cover is crucial since it’s the first thing potential customers notice. You want a professional to create something that effectively markets your work.


Choosing a Distribution Platform

We’ve gone through several distribution methods and why it’s crucial to pick the proper channel for you. Let’s look at how to make the correct choice when choosing a suitable self-publishing platform.

Consider the following factors while selecting a good self-publishing platform:

·         What do you want to accomplish?

The foremost thing to remember is that when deciding whether or not to self-publish is your ultimate aim for self-publishing. Do you want your non-fiction book to raise awareness or people to be aware of the series you’re working on? This aids in determining a platform that can accomplish this objective.

·         Your budget is another factor to consider.

The cost of distribution is a key consideration when selecting a distribution channel. You want to choose a platform that fits your budget and provides high-quality services.

·         What do you need?

If you need technical expertise or further assistance from your supplier, keep it in mind while selecting. It’s critical to find a platform that can meet all of your publishing demands.

·         The distributor’s ratings.

Finally, you may read reviews about the distributor’s firm. Looking at other people’s experiences with a distribution platform can help you decide whether it’s worth your money. You can see how other consumers have benefited from that distribution business.


How to Promote Your Ebook: A Step-by-Step Guide for Authors and Publishers

Self-publishing has gotten more manageable and more accessible to the majority of individuals. However, you may do a few things to enhance your chances of success and increase sales. Here are the factors to recall while distributing your ebook.

·         Do Your Research

Understanding them is vital because there are so many distribution methods to choose from. You don’t want to pick the first solution that appears appealing since you may discover later that it doesn’t deliver the results you desire.

When conducting your research, make a pros and drawbacks list to help you narrow down your choices. Your study should lead to answers that allow you to determine what’s best for you and your book.


·         Make your website using WordPress.

Many self-publisher seek assistance from third parties in distributing their books, but you may use your website. Creating a website when you are an independent self-publisher holds several advantages, especially if you have the time to focus on marketing it.

It is wise to consider that it is cost-effective since all you need to pay for are the domain and hosting of your website. It’s a low-cost marketing approach; advertise your novels because you can do your marketing. However, creating an effective website for distributing your book takes effort and time.

Starting a blog on your website is one approach to marketing your book. You may use blogs to appeal to a larger audience since they allow you to produce excellent content marketing.

For example, you may write SEO articles that cover the subject of your book. As a result, when folks conduct searches related to your book, your website comes up.


·         Consider the Competition

When you think about publishing a book, there is always competition. This helps your book sell and be distributed, so you must discover a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Remember to look for a distributor since it might assist you in finding one that supports your objectives.

When looking for a distribution channel, keep an eye on the competition. Although it’s ideal to discover a self-publishing platform that offers similar content to a targeted demographic, you want to avoid a crowded marketplace.

For example, if you’re marketing a book about betrayal, avoid using a platform that sells many similar novels. This will reduce your chances of being the first choice for individuals looking for romance books.



The work is not finished once you’ve completed your book. You must still distribute and market your book to achieve those sales!

The essential thing to remember about distributing your book is to use the appropriate distribution platform; it’ll get your eBook out there successfully and professionally. Keep in mind that you want a platform that matches your writing style.

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