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Is Web Development Dying?

web development

If you’re among the numerous people questioning the long run of web development or evaluating whether a website development is failing, we don’t fault you. With lots of Wix ads on YouTube and straightforward dropping content on simple WordPress themes, anyone can doubt the requirement for custom websites. Well, the …

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On Roku, how can I watch HBO Max?

HBO Max App

HBO Max on Roku is perhaps one of the most incredible things to happen to savvy TV users. More than 6.75 million HBO Max users (source) enjoy viewing the network on their TVs or mobile devices without having to pay for cable. Everything on the HBO network is available to …

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What Is Latency?


What Is Latency? In 2012, faulty toilets caused delays of two days during a flight from San Francisco to Shanghai. It was delayed until Anchorage, Alaska, where a replacement plane was also defective. The passengers left one day later on a second plane which, fortunately, was operational. Are you living …

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