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Hafsa Usmani

Home maintenance tips for the cold months

Snow storm in Northwest United States with residential home and dark sky in background

Preparing your home for winter takes some effort, but many of the best measures are easy and free. Because ready or not, winter is here. Depending on where you live, you might’ve already experienced some snowfall and subzero temperatures. Regardless, there’s no time like the present to prepare for the …

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11 Air Conditioner Myths Busted!

Woman turning on air conditioner with remote

Let’s discuss some air conditioner myths today! We constantly hear that when humidity turns the heat sticky, you and your home feel uncomfortable. And you might be thinking it’s time to set your AC thermostat at the lowest level (for quick relief), purchase the largest unit available, or just close …

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Air Pollution; Causes and Prevention

air pollution

Fight air pollution. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Get regular exercise. Don’t smoke. Control high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. These are age-old words of wisdom for a healthful life. But when was the last time your doctors told you to avoid exposure to pollution? Accumulating evidence about the …

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