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I am Mubbi Khan a professional blogger and digital marketer with many years of experience. I am living in Lahore the city of Pakistan.

2021 Fashion Trends That Are Already in Your Closet

2021 Fashion Trends

In any case, if a piece of your New Year’s goal was to get dressed all the more regularly and stay aware of the most recent looks, we feel you. Furthermore, fortunately, there’s uplifting news: 2021’s best design patterns won’t cost you a dime. Since Fashion Trends, for example, waist …

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What is Plugins in WordPress? – Why Use Plugins?


Have you ever considered how to get another element on your WordPress site without coding? Truly! It’s conceivable – with the guide of a Plugin. Yet, what is a WordPress Plugins? Basically, it is a little programming that contains functionalities that can be added to a WordPress site. You can …

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How to Negotiate Your Salary?

How to Negotiate Your Salary

When you are a searching job in United Kingdom, you will probably be asked about your salary expectations. Now that you got the job and started working under that expected salary, you felt that you couldn’t make ends meet. To overcome this sad news, you have one trick under your …

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