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Holi 2022- Date, Time, Significance & Pooja Vidhi

The word festival is supposed to originate from Latin word Festa which signifies a religious holiday. Festa is a verb and the adjective “festivals” is supposed to be the origin of English word festival. There had been a daffodil festival an old Greek tradition.While one much occupied with the music …

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Car Rental Delhi to Agra

Delhi the Capital city of India is also one of the major destinations for tourists from all around the World. We provide Car Rental for Delhi Agra Jaipur which is also famous by the name of golden triangle tour in India. If you are staying in Delhi, you can use …

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Golden Triangle Tour

As far as the Golden Triangle Tour Package is concerned, it includes the 3 most visited destinations in Northern India – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Along with these 3 cities, if you want to include the sightseeing of Varanasi, Khajuraho,Udaipur, Bangaluru, Tamilnadu, Kashmir or other destinations of Rajasthan etc. Can …

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