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5 Reasons The Paperclip Chain is Here to Stay

Chain Jewelry

Paperclip chains virtually go with everything. They are a current rage and perfect for jewelry lovers’ collections.  Summer welcomes jewelry trends, and in summer, lightweight clothing is the perfect backdrop for bright jewels and shimmering chains. Trends come and go and the current trend is something both men and women …

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Opal Jewelry: An Irresistible Adornment

lariat necklace

There is something about opal jewelry that makes you stop and stare. There are just so many amazing-looking ones. And with such a variety of colors to pick from and drool over. They absolutely embody the word “irresistible adornment.” The true allure of opal jewelry is not only its magnificent …

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Exploring the Jewelry Trends of 2022

As the new year is here, your fashion guide deserves an update. As they rightly say the change is the sole constant in this reality, and the fashion industry truly certifies this statement. The trend in the jewelry segment keeps on changing on a regular basis. Like, if you notice …

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5 Amazing Facts About Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

5 Amazing Facts About Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring   This article takes deeper insights into the round diamond solitaire engagement ring and the top 5 facts about their exclusivity. Well-known as the bride’s bestie and the groom’s perfect chance to hear a ‘yes’, solitaires are jewelry designs that emulate the …

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