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Emily Sudac

Shop a unique range of wooden watches with free UK next day delivery. Engrave a personal message and create a lasting memory. Including 1 year warranty.

The Wood Watches Waterproof | Nice Wooden Watches


Very Durable Material Wooden Watches Water Resistance The Manufacturer’s Recommendations Online Wooden Watches are also Perfect for Most Occasions Biggest Advantages While you may wonder if nice wooden watches are waterproof, the answer is no. Since wood is an organic material, it reacts with water, making them not waterproof in …

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Creative Simple Wooden Watches Men & Women

Wooden Watches

Wooden watches are simply elegant. Whether you want a casual luxury timepiece or an elegant formal timepiece, you will find beautiful, functional and luxurious wooden watches. The beauty of wood is accentuated by its unique grain patterns, and its subtlety and versatility. Wooden watches look like they were made just …

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