Avoid These 5 Common Practices That Attract Termites


Spring is an exciting time of the year; the weather is warmer, and the flowers, the sun, and the trees are reborn. What’s not to love about spring, right? Well, it’s also the time of the year when termites are most prevalent. If you are nursing fears of termites invading your space or you need pest control in Delhi, you are not alone. A lot of people are searching for ways to keep these pests from coming into their homes and ruining their walls and furniture. Luckily, all is not lost. There are tested and approved ways you can enjoy your spring without having to worry about termites.

Termites may be prevalent, but they are attracted more to some certain environment that is conducive to their survival. Unknown to most people, certain lifestyles and habits people exhibit are capable of making their environment prone to termite infestation. Below are some of the things you should avoid, to keep these pests out of your home.

Wooden Structures Should Not be Neglected

Termites are known to stay and procreate in wood, and a large percentage of furniture and building materials are made of wood. To keep termites away from the wooden structure of the building, you must engage in wood maintenance. The following are ways you can protect your wood from termite infestation.

Paint Your Wood

Termites are not likely to eat painted wood, so if it’s possible, paint the wood you use for your furniture and roofing. Painting the wooden structure of your roof can prevent termites within your roof.

Keep Wood Away From Your House Wall

The inside of the wood is a conducive environment for termites. It’s also a good environment for them to nest and generally survive.

When woods infested by termites are kept too close to the house, they can easily find their way into the house. So, if you don’t want a termite infestation, you may want to go outside and move the woods far away from your house. 20ft at least. It will also help to prevent an infestation if you elevate the wood from the ground.

Termites can easily enter into wood on the ground; it is their nature to flock towards wood, especially woods that are not treated.

Excess Moist Around Your Home

Most damage-causing termites thrive in a moist environment. They are mostly found in places and surroundings with high moisture content. A moist soil is a perfect habitat for termites. To check the level of moisture and the potential for termite infestation due to moisture, contact a pest control service. A moist meter is used to ascertain if the moisture levels in your building is ideal or if it is prone to termites. The following can provide a moist environment for pests to thrive.

Dead and rotten Trees And Leaves in Your Surroundings

When wood becomes rotten, it gets soft and nice enough for termites to dwell and reproduce. Having a dead or rotten tree or tree stomp around your home will attract termites to your home. To be on the safe side, you should contact an expert in the removal of trees and tree stumps.

These professionals will pull out the rotten wood. Pest control services will provide termite treatment and give you suggestions in case of any existing infestation. You can find professional pest control services at Keyvendors. When you contact them, they will assess the situation, embark on termite treatment, and put adequate control measures in place to prevent future re-infestation.


Water from pipes, AC units, or leaking faucets can also increase the moisture in your surroundings, thereby making it prone to termites.

Termites love to be in a moist environment; damp wood and soil are sure an excellent places for them. Be sure to keep the surroundings as dry as possible to keep termites at bay.

Excess Foliage

Trees are important, no doubt; however, when it’s in excess, it can make your house prone to termites. As we already established earlier, termites live in wood and trees. Having branches of trees grow over and touching your building can cause termite infestation. These pests are known to climb into houses from trees. To prevent this, cut off any branches or leaves that are touching your building. Always prune the trees and leaves from your home.

Lack Of Proper Basement Maintenance

Basement is very important to have in a home, but it can be a breeding ground for termites if not properly maintained. As we stated earlier, termites thrive in a humid environment, and the survival rate is higher in a moist environment. So, to prevent termites from entering your basement, you should do the following;


This is an effective way of preventing termites from entering your basement. It takes care of Leaks in the window as well as minor and major cracks where water can come in. When you waterproof it, it prevents moisture from coming into your home, thereby reducing the chances of termites coming in as well.

Poor Maintenance Practices

Lack of adequate maintenance is one factor that promotes pest infestation. The following are areas you should look into to ensure proper maintenance in your surroundings.

Take Note Of Moisture Levels

A Lot of factors can quickly create a thriving habitat for termites in your home. These factors include excessive moisture and water in your surroundings. Poor installation of windows can create gaps between the window and the wall, which can cause moisture to come in.

Apart from Windows, improper weather-stripping as well as stagnant water can pose a risk. A damp wall and improper drainage system will certainly welcome termites to your house.

Embark On Periodic Inspection

Engage pest control experts to carry out periodic inspections in your home. Although there are several adjustments you can make to your home to prevent termites from coming in, professional input cannot be overstated. It is recommended that at least once a year, a professional should come and inspect your home for these pests.

Termites, going by their nature, can enter a building and cause enormous damage to your property before it’s even noticed. However, a professional will be able to detect their presence before they are able to damage your building structure. If you are finding it difficult to find a trusted termite control expert, contact Keyvendors.


Termites can cause a lot of damage to your building before you even notice their presence. Apart from ruining the aesthetics of your building, they can also cause serious damage to your building structure. Unknown to most people, the reason they have termite infestation is as a result of improper maintenance and hygienic practices around the home.

The good news is there are ways to prevent termite infestation from occurring in your home. Since termites are mostly attracted to moist environments, keeping excess moisture out will help keep termites away.

Also, having a professional pest control inspector come around at least once a year to carry out an inspection is necessary to prevent infestation. Keyvendors is a trusted source of pest control experts engaging their services will help you have a termite-free building.

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