B2B Marketing: 5 Strategies To Gain and Convert Customers

b2b marketing

B2B marketing is the marketing of companies which concentrates their activities on sales to professionals. For example marketing to other companies, craftsmen or independent business bodies i.e. sole proprietors. 

It targets structures and companies instead of individuals and decisions are thus more complex because they involve various stakeholders. In business to business marketing, your only prospect is your customer. Your target needs to trust you to use your solutions and services.

B2B companies should not lose sight of the fact that all clients are always looking for quick answers through the right channel.

Providing solutions requires a thoughtful process. And meeting the demands of customers can be rigorous. But search engine makes it possible for B2B companies to satisfy their customers.



To successfully implement B2B marketing, it is essential to question certain habits, because reaching out to business customers requires different modes from individual consumers.

In order to reach as many clients as possible, the company’s communication channels need to be broad and extensive. This is because general orientation will not bring the desired advantages in the field of B2B. The desired advantage of your marketing is through targeted networks where your clients can be found.

B2B marketing therefore aims to highlight the personal and emotional benefits of the product or service for the end consumer. Professional website design, content marketing, targeted email marketing and social media marketing are fundamental marketing strategies in B2B marketing.

However, the challenge of marketing is to adapt the following marketing instruments to the specific target of client companies:

Website: Does your business website demonstrate professionalism?  You should ask yourself this question because a website is the storefront for your business.

For the implementation of a successful marketing strategy, you should be able to answer this question in the affirmative. If a potential consumer comes to your website, they should be able to navigate easily and have a positive impression. 

Your website should provide potential customers with some initial information about your product and service.

Content marketing:  Content marketing is essential to strengthen your business brand because it’s an opportunity to develop content oriented towards presenting added value for companies by giving advice and relevant information surrounding your products or service.

Email marketing: This can be done through a newsletter which is a means of establishing regular and direct contact with your customers. It has always being a means of creating awareness for your products/services about new offers and opinion polls.

B2B’s want to achieve identical goals using email marketing by delivering current information about the industry to targeted customers.

Social Media Marketing: Companies decide to use social media marketing for various reasons because social media channels are the modern form of recommendation marketing as satisfied customers share their positive experiences with your business. One other reason is the opportunity to introduce new products or services and receive direct feedback.

Direct contact with customers requires a high degree of communication. This is usually an effective means to engage with clients and how they perceive your service.

Marketing on social media can positively influence the goodwill of the company, customer loyalty and the acquisition of new customers.  


B2B Marketing – SEO

SEO is basically a communication link to search engines like Google and Bing. More importantly, it allows search engines to figure out what a given site is all about. 

In other words, search engine optimization is the language of search algorithms. To communicate with Google, your website must “speak” SEO.

This is why, as an e-merchant involved in business with other businesses, you must continually follow the factors that Google considers to show organic search results. 

The techniques of SEO are numerous, sometimes unclear, and can be really overwhelming. This is why it is very important for you to take the following initiatives into consideration in order to improve your site organic ranking:

UNDERSTAND SEO: SEO is a concept that is often recoiling because of its complexity. But if it is causing so much controversy in the e-commerce arena, it is because it brings closer to the dream of any business owner, which is to own an online platform powered by a free source of traffic and qualified from search engines.

Also, SEO keeps evolving and even the savviest SEO consultants feel overwhelmed by constant search engine updates and so it is necessary to keep getting experience in the field by testing new techniques in the long term, documenting the process and the results. An SEO strategy allows you to achieve concrete results which can therefore be seen as a major competitive advantage.

By understanding the basic concepts of SEO, you are giving your business to business marketing an opportunity to expand and become more recognizable in search engines.

UNDERSTAND PPC: Pay Per Click advertising which is PPC advertising or search engine advertising involves paying for ads that accurately calculates the return on investment and are shown on search engine result pages and on some social networks like Facebook.

Running a campaign is very useful as it results in getting results immediately. The speed of its implementation makes it possible to assess the viability of ideas and concepts in record time.

In order to create an online sales activity with search engine advertising, you need to have a considerable budget prepared in order to bet on promising keywords and to assess different sales funnels until you are capable of designing a conversion funnel that generates a high ROI.

To ensure an effective advertising campaign, avoid the use of so many keywords for just one ad group type. This requires a lot of expertise and assistance from an SEO consultant.


Increasing On-site time

On-site time refers to the amount of time a visitor spends assessing your website. When the on-site time records a high rate, Google considers that your site offers relevant and valuable information to each visitor. 

Increasing pages per session

When the pages per session of your website reveals that the average number of people who viewed every one of your web pages is high. It indicates to Google the impacting measure of the relevance and quality of the content and information that you offer to Internet users.

Your content should add value in various kind of ways, including:

  • Sharing interesting and useful information related to your niche
  • Presentation of video tutorials showing guidance on the usage of your product or service
  • Help prospective clients resolve their issues with the relevant answers you provide.
  • Entertain visitors in one way or another

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who leave your site immediately after landing on each page. A high bounce rate is a red flag that indicates irrelevant and poor content as well as site speed.

The bounce rate is essential to boost users’ experience. Also develop relevant content that can attract and appeal to customers’ needs.

IMPLEMENT, EVALUATE AND MONITOR THE RESULT OF YOUR SEO EFFORTS: Implementing these SEO tips will not be enough in the sense that while tracking the results of your SEO efforts, you need to keep reviewing in order to apply more and suitable techniques when the desired goal is not reached.

You will be able to monitor and review these indicators using an analytical tool like Google Analytics. 

While using the Google analytics tool, take the following into consideration:

  •  An increase in the on-site time compared to its original values.
  • An increase in your web pages per session compared to its original values.
  • Decrease in your site bounce rate compared to its original values.

GET ASSISTANCE FROM SEO CONSULTANTS: Deciding to get involved with an SEO consultant should not be a hard decision to make being that operating with SEO might not be your area of expertise but as an e-merchant involved in B2B marketing, it is important for you to understand the basics and implementation of SEO and PPC.

b2b marketing



Business relationships between companies are not a new phenomenon, but with digitization, processes are changing and require constant reflection.

By applying SEO strategies, you achieve your goal of connecting your business with other businesses. This ensures you get recognized and stand out so as to make profit while delivering exceptional service.

As a business owner you can only achieve this when you understand and embrace the use of SEO. This is why our company Deyo Digital makes it a mission to assist e-merchants operate a successful b2b marketing. It helps with regular updated SEO techniques.

Contact us today for consultation and get an SEO analysis for your website.

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