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Banks and Supermarkets simply can’t do without UPS

The technological advances of the last decades have completely changed the world, and these changes, reflected in society, are irreplaceable. But the most important prerequisite for the smooth functioning of many aspects of this changing world is a stable and constant power supply!

Failure to provide a steady and uninterrupted power supply will result in disruption to businesses and government agencies. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system plays an important role in this regard. Various industries that cannot do without a UPS include the financial sector, healthcare, government and public organizations, retail, data centers, and emergency services.

How important is UPS in the banking sector?

In many financial institutions, the continuous power supply is not given enough importance, with the result that most of them are unable to act quickly in the event of a power failure. The invisible cost of recovering lost or damaged data caused by power outages or surges is enormous, a fact that has not yet reached the consciousness of administrative staff.

Power quality problems, such as power surges or spikes in the regular power grid, also have a serious negative impact on data and voice communications. A power surge lasting only a few milliseconds can cause devastating damage to complex electronic equipment such as hard drives, servers, and computer power supplies. Frequent occurrence of such disturbances can eventually lead to the failure of sensitive and expensive equipment.

Reasons for indifference to energy security issues

Most banks and financial institutions pay more attention to online banking security during power outages than to the smooth operation of their vital financial systems. Sometimes this indifference is further fueled by ignorance of the serious consequences of such power outages. Administrative staff in the banking sector should be more aware of the serious consequences of a power outage so that they can take preventive measures in the event of such an event, rather than resorting to remedial measures.

Preventive Measures

The first step in preventive measures is installing UPS systems or reviewing existing UPS systems. For banks and financial institutions, it is important to have the latest models of UPS systems that provide flexible power and runtimes to meet growing demands. Preference should be given to UPS systems that are easy to install and upgrade, meet regulated power and high-efficiency requirements.

It’s important for banks to know how much time and resources are lost in the seconds between a power outage and the turn-up of backup generators. Financial institutions and banks with large data centers can’t afford such power compromises. At such times, UPS systems come into play, taking over the load until the generators are ready to go.

That’s why it’s critical to purchase and install secure power systems from vendors experienced with the very specific requirements of the banking and financial sector.

Why a supermarket should have an uninterruptible power supply system

What would happen if a supermarket without an uninterruptible power system lost power? Until alternative power sources are available, there will be total chaos and confusion. In addition to controlling the panicking crowd, it is also necessary to prevent attempts at theft, etc., by undesirable elements. Therefore, it is crucial for supermarkets to protect themselves from such situations by investing in UPS systems that provide uninterrupted power.

What’s at stake in the event of a power outage?

Human safety

The lives of people in a supermarket can be at risk in the chaos after a power outage. Also, the possibility of customers getting stuck in elevators cannot be ruled out. In addition, the operation of equipment installed in supermarkets to ensure customer safety, such as fire alarm systems or emergency services, requires a constant power supply.

Equipment safety

Power outages can affect sensitive equipment such as computers installed in supermarkets. Power outages can lead to data corruption. For example, a company could lose important data about customer accounts, investments or installed software. As online marketing has become as popular as physical shopping, the loss of essential software can affect this type of marketing as well. Recovering all lost data becomes a major problem.

The operation of cash registers, IT equipment, automatic doors or elevators is at risk if there is no uninterrupted power supply. Damage to furniture and fixtures as a result of the resulting panic can exacerbate financial losses.

Food quality in cold storage rooms

Supermarkets must adhere to legal standards for goods stored in cold storage areas. These standards must be met under all circumstances, and supermarkets need a reliable power supply to do so.

While conditions may normalize as power is restored, it will take some time for memories of the chaotic environment to fade and business to return to normal.

Uninterruptible power systems are a must for supermarkets

Supermarkets, which are the center of human activity, require an almost constant power supply. To protect against the negative effects of voltage fluctuations and ensure safe, constant operation, supermarkets need to equipped with uninterruptible power supply systems.

Thanks to rapid technological advances, modern UPS systems are also much better than their predecessors. They are modular and slim, take up less space, and can resized by adding or removing hot-swappable modules. This makes them expandable as a supermarket’s power needs increase.

UPS systems are typically use in conjunction with diesel generators. When the regular power grid fails, the UPS system turns on and provides a reliable supply of power until the generators turn on, stabilize, and take over the critical loads. Therefore, you should only purchase this alternative energy source from companies that develop systems best suited for the retail sector.

Why doesn’t your company use UPS systems to protect data from power outages?

In today’s volatile economy, it’s more important than ever not to lose what we have. Uninterruptible power supplies have become an important necessity, providing businesses with the respite they need to use their information resources with peace of mind. In today’s world, so much depends on information, and storing that information is just as important as creating it. Natural disasters, power outages, and other factors beyond our control can cause our devices to malfunction or fail. Businesses that adhere to safe electronic data storage and transfer practices should look to convenient and simple UPS backup systems. Whether your business is large or small, data backup is an important part of maintaining a stable business.

Many businesses use a backup power source in the form of a generator. But data loss is a problem even in those environments. Even electric generators take some time to warm up and start working. It takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for a generator to turn on. That’s enough time to lose valuable data in an emergency. Projects worked on during this time risk being lost forever. If your company uses a reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS). You no longer have to worry about providing power on demand during power outages.

An uninterruptible power supply is a special type or group of batteries that can power all of your data-dependent devices. As soon as the power goes out for whatever reason, the UPS device provides stable, short-term, and reliable power that preserves your data during the outage. Ideally, the auxiliary power supplies start working again during such power outages. In some cases, interruptions are not even noticeable and last only a few minutes. Which is not enough time for most backup sources to get back up and running.

One aspect of UPS systems that often overlooked is the consideration of the voltage to power ratio. The exact characteristics of a particular UPS battery and the power it can provide depend largely on this ratio. Low power UPS systems may not prevent loss of data due to an accidental outage. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase UPS systems. Those are large enough for the amount of data that needs to backed up in the event of a disaster. When calculating power requirements, it is advisable to consider peripheral devices. Such as external hard drives, network routers, and other devices.

Another typical advantage of an uninterruptible power supply is reliable power for electronics. That is sensitive to power surges and fluctuations. A good uninterruptible power supply can protect your sensitive equipment from power outages by preventing voltage spikes. That can take out some devices if they plugged into AC outlets. This is especially useful in the international arena, where power supply fluctuations often result in loss of data. Backup batteries can replace traditional extension cords, which protect against power surges. Rather than short-term power outages, which are much more common today than in the past. All in all, backing up your data with a powerful battery can give you peace of mind, cost efficiency, and a way to maintain control over one of the most important aspects of your business.


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