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Be Aware of Car Rental Scams In Dubai

Due to the growing business of renting a car in car hire Dubai the competition amongst the businesses is increasing day by day. Due to which many people are getting involved in this business. As many people are getting involved in this business, the chances of people getting scammed in this business are increasing. The scams may involve frauds, like not giving the proper conditioned car and charge high for such vehicles, not providing the skilled driver, charging extra if something happens to the car, not signing any contract and asking for the extra fees, etc.

To avoid the car rental scams we will go through some of the tips to avoid such scams:-

  • Choose the rental car agency which you can trust

Always try to choose such an agency that you can trust easily and also the agency which is completely reliable that it will not do any fraud.

Firstly, check the reviews of the company and then try to contact the customers who have already used the service of the company. If the reviews and the people who used the service of the company say good things about it then you can trust that company.

  • Research

Never book the first package which you see on the list. Always do market research, and try to find out what the other companies are offering in terms of service and also the rates. This research will help you to get acknowledged about the current market rates by which you can easily recognize if someone is cheating on you or not. By doing market research you can save yourself from getting scammed.

  • Contract

If you are booking a car online in car hire Dubai then there are chances that the payment methods and some of the process of pursuing the car booking can confuse you so much that you may leak confidential information or there are also chances that you may get trapped into the scam provided you would not get the required services. To avoid this, always first try to contact the company through phone or emails. Then ask about the doubts you have in your mind and also sign a written contract which states the money you will pay and the service they will provide.

  • Click photos of the car in front of the company

If you hire a car on rent and you are provided a car which is already in a bad condition then there are chances that the rental company declares you guilty for the bad condition of the vehicle and charges an extra-fine on you which you may not afford. To avoid this problem you need to click photographs of the car in front of the car rental executive who provides you the car and confirms the condition of the car with the executive. By doing so you are already confirming the initial condition of the vehicle with the executive so that the company doesn’t blame you for the damage to the vehicle.

  • Don’t pay extra Charges

If you want to travel from one city to another and if you rent a car and also you ask the car rental company to provide you a driver. In a situation like this, there is no need to pay the driver extra tips or something as he is already being paid by the company and if he or she asks for the money then directly you can put a complaint of the driver in the company.

  • Avoid insurance services

Firstly, there is no need to get frightened about the things which the car rental companies of car hire Dubai to tell you about the safety of the car. This insurance is only created to earn extra money from the car rental company. If you are a skilled driver then no need to worry about the safety of the car just trust your driving skills. This is only applicable when you are provided with a good conditioned vehicle.

  • Be Alert while traveling

Always be alert while traveling and always keep an eye on each and everything for which the money is being spent. Many of the car rental companies include their commission on every expense which is needed while traveling. The expenses may include the money spent on petrol and also money spent at the toll booths and many more. You can only save yourself from this by keeping a record of every expense in a diary or something so that you should not pay any extra amount of money to the car rental company.

  • Examine the documents of the car

Before hiring a car on rent from the car hire Dubai don’t forget to check all the papers of the company in case the car is legal or not. In case if the car is illegal and if traffic police catch you then you might face a lot of problems. Hence, always check before hiring a car on rent that the car is legal or not and also check that the documents of the vehicle are approved and verified or not.

  • Check the Limits of the vehicle

Before hiring any car from the car rental it is very important to go through the terms and conditions of the company and also the limits of driving the car. In some cases, the companies hide their terms and conditions and the limits and when you break their terms and conditions and the limits then the company forces you to pay an extra amount for exceeding the limits. Hence, at first, before riding be acknowledged by the terms and service of the company so that the company cannot charge any extra money from you.

  • Conclusion

By following the above tips before hiring any car on rent you will save yourself from being cheated by the car rental companies. Hence follow all the tips stated above before hiring a car through car hire Dubai.




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