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Be Updated With Upcoming Sports Events of 2021

Daily sports betting picks are already available on the sportsbook and many other avenues that focus on the sports events, such as Top Daily Sports Picks (TDSP). Since there were many sports postponed last year, the 2021 sporting calendar will be so massive! And without further ado, let’s look at the top sports tournaments scheduled this year below:

March Madness Basketball, NCAA (14th March – 5th April)

The entire NCAA tournament is happening in one location. And it’s going to be epic as the madness continues. Also, remember most games got canceled, and so the players are pretty enthusiastic. Bettors, too, are hovering around, eager for the same. Everyone is looking for the teams that will make it to the National Championship contenders. 

Michigan Wolverines Basketball Recap

Having lost only one game, Michigan is heading to Sunday’s date with Ohio State. Wolverines still have to play twice with Michigan State, Iowa, and Buckeyes. Michigan is one of the top daily sports betting picks because it’s the real deal. They are one of the best frontcourts in the nation, with Hunter Dickson and Isaiah Livers. These guys among Wagner and Austin Davis secured at least 6.1 rebounds and 1.0 blocks per game on average. 

Thanks to these four players, now Michigan wolverine’s basket allows 64.9 points per game. They rank second at 37.7, trailing Houston in the nation’s shooting percentage.


Betting Odds

The best conferences in the country so far are Iowa, Ohio State, and Illinois. They are all at +450. The ten tournaments regarded Michigan as its favorite at +250. 

Comparing the betting odds with different sportsbooks, Wolverines are at +700, Baylor at +300, and Gonzaga at +270. DraftKings has Wolverines at +650Zags at +275 and Baylor at +250. 

Top Bets

The No. 1 seed got a virtual bye at odds with No.16. And to reach the finals, one has to beat the three opponents, and it would be great if the national championship gets played at +700. Would you have the final four as your bet? I don’t think that would be wise, not even for the short money bets. 

Horse Racing Sports Events

While we’ll be having plenty of events in 2021, the horse racing industry promises to be a huge year. However, they all aim at significant series, including the Triple Crown and the Breeders Cup in the fall. We’ll check for the daily sports betting picks with Andy holding, the horse racing expert:

15:50 Kempton

Let’s start with the bargepole event. However, it’s rare to find 150 rated hurdler lining of all-weather for cases such as HONEST VIC. And now you don’t have to miss this special which will be in the morning hours.

Henry Daly is one of the people who take his game from a top-ended handicapper to a graded level and is quite reliable. He got a scintillation victory, one of the highly competitive handicaps on the Cheltenham on the seasonal return. Will it be surprising to watch the pitches’ connection against Thyme Hills and Paisley park, who is in grade two, or can he go for a long-distance hurdle in Newbury?


Finally, he finishes the race while well-beaten, and the race didn’t succeed as planned. The ten-year-old was left rowing his boat, and he sat on his duck when there was no one willing to make it run. And they only got beaten at 12 lengths. We hope it gets some proven stamina in play against the few promised so he can get the trip. 

Honest-0.5pts e/w @ 5/1

If you’re a horse racing enthusiast looking for a pure sporting point of view or need some entertainment, or you are a bettor, our up-to-date horse racing info will set you up properly for the season.  

Super Bowls

Super Bowls kickstarted the year 2021 events with a face-off between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And this happens on 7th February at the Tamp, Florida, in Raymond James Stadium. The daily sports betting picks on these two will be running wild. It’s the second appearance for Kansas, and Tom Brady is why Bucs are going to the Super Bowls. 

Super Bowl square templates will add the spice needed for this event. We shall look at different types of square templates: 

  • One of the options is ten squares where to get a winner, you have to add both teams after each quarter. 
  • The second option is the 25-line Super Bowl templates where players are less than others, although the winning chances are more. Each square contains two numbers in both columns and rows. If you have few players, this is the best option.
  • Super Bowl 50 square is a template where one team gets one number while the other gets two numbers. The odds for winning are high, and it’s best when the crowd is less. 

In conclusion, the upcoming sports events will have something for everyone. Super Bowl LV is the biggest and most loved sporting event in the world. Sports bettors will be busy looking for sportsbooks and daily sports betting picks to maximize their winning chance.

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