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Beautiful Floral Gifts on Women’s Day for Mother, Wife

When you want to impress a special woman in your life, a lovely bouquet is the best way to do it. The reason is that flowers are the most beautiful natural gifts and so are women. Women deserve more for their daily selfless acts of ensuring that everyone in the family is well cared for. They go through many hardships, but they always rise to the occasion and make things work. International Happy Women’s Day is marked every year to honor what women do and represent in society. Unlike Mother’s Day that is only meant to celebrate all mothers, Women’s Day seeks to appreciate women of all ages, regardless of whether they are Mothers or not. Many people confuse these two events with two attributes of the female gender – womanhood and motherhood. 

As we prepare to celebrate all the women from around the world on , make sure that you have the best type of flowers and gifts in mind to honor them. Women have many kinds of personalities. When getting a gift to surprise your special lady, think of what she likes and represent it specially. Although there are many kinds of gifts and flower offers today, flowers make the best international women’s Day gift because of their meaningfulness. Depending on who you want to honor on this special day, you can choose particular blooms or hues from credible online flower deliveries. One of the best flower deliveries in Cyprus, Greece, is Cosmea Gardens. They offer a wide variety of best happy international Women’s Day flowers and other types of flowers that you may be interested in. Do you want to honor your mother, wife, or girlfriend on this year’s Women’s Day? Read this list of the wonderful Women’s Day flowers that you can send to her. 


You can never go wrong with roses when you want to wish that beautiful woman a happy International Women’s Day. Whether it’s a bouquet or a single stem, roses are a favorite among women. What’s even better is the variety of colors they come in. Pink is a darling for every woman, no matter the age. Most would expect it to be red, yet pink has won them over. They symbolize beauty, virtue, happiness, among other things. It is a perfect floral gift for your mother, sister, or girlfriend.

 Although red doesn’t come on top, it is still popular as it symbolizes love, romance, and passion. Recommended especially for your wife or girlfriend. 

White roses are not as popular as red and pink, but they are just as beautiful. Moreover, they carry a deep meaning of virtue and a new start.


Daisies are a classic. They have been used for ages. Gerbers are among the most striking of the daisies. They are a symbol of joy and cheerfulness. You can give it to any woman in your life, be it your mother, sister or girlfriend.

Daisies come in an area of colors, and you will be spoilt for choice. Pick one that stands out or a favorite color for the one being gifted.


Lilies also come in an assortment of colors, making them perfect for wishing someone a happy Women’s Day. However, white is the popular kind among women because of its regal nature. It also signifies purity and innocence—a floral gift befitting any woman.

They also come in yellow and orange representing merriment and devotion, respectively. You can order a bouquet of lily flowers or a mixed bouquet of lilies and other flowers such as roses. With their heavenly smell, it’s no wonder they are classic and popular.


Tulips are also a favorite of the ladies. They come in a variety of colors ranging from yellow, pink, purple, and red. They are generally known to embody love and passion.

Pink tulip usually represents love in the sense of family and friends. This makes it a perfect gift for your mother or sister. Red represents intense feelings such as love and desire. This is appropriate for your wife or girlfriend on women’s day.


Carnations are not only beautiful but carry deep meaning as far as love is concerned. To Christians, it’s unconditional; to the Greeks, it is celestial. It all boils down to deep affection and dedication. Just as most popular flowers, carnations come in several colors.

Red carnations mean love. Depending on the hue, they can represent softer love passion-filled. Deep red carnation speaks of desire, while light red is much more subtle.

Pink carnations similarly speak of love but a familial kind. You can give it to your mother, sister or relative this women’s day.

Live Orchids 

Orchids are beautiful ornamental flowers that any woman would appreciate as a gift this women’s day. You can go the extra mile and make it a live plant. They are not difficult to maintain and are very symbolic, no matter who you plan to give them to.

Like most res flowers, red orchids represent love and passion but with a twist of bravery—a very romantic way to express love to your girlfriend or wife this women’s day. Blue orchids speak of rarity and spirituality. Another flower you can gift your sister, friend, or other with. You might also want to pick purple, pink, yellow, or green, representing fondness, virtue, positivity, and fortune, respectively.


is a celebration of womanhood. Celebrate the women in your life with gifts. However, do not despise the value of flowers while you are at. As we have seen, flowers have different meanings to suit whoever you have in mind. Be it your mother, sister, or spouse. Thanks to the internet, you can make an order online and have it delivered. If you are traditional, there is no shortage of flower shops. Make them feel special.

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