Before You Look for a Furniture Store in Cleveland, Visit Ohio Hardwood Furniture


If you’re searching for a Furniture Store In Cleveland, don’t just settle for the first place you can find. The furniture you include in and around your home will have a profound impact on the setting, so you should never make any concessions. Find your vision and then select the furniture that fulfills your vision for your home. If you’re looking for rustic and rugged, go with rustic and rugged furniture that will love you back as you wear it in. If you’re looking for distinctive designs in native hardwoods, carefully upholstered with the finest fabrics and leathers, well, then that’s you should find. The furniture you use to complete the setting of your interior will be a long term influence, so you should be selective about your choices.

If these are some of the things you’re after, then you should check out At Ohio Hardwood Furniture’s online store listed above, you’ll be able to find distinctive designs from such furniture makers as Copeland, Charleston Forge, Wesley Hall, and many more. Whether you happen to be looking for such simplistic and made-for-use designs as Charleston Forge’s, or the world-renowned comfort that comes with a Wesley Hall sofa, you’ll find it right on their website. They have furniture for every room in the house from the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen, all readily and easily organized on their website.

What makes Ohio Hardwood Furniture unique, however, is the fact that they don’t just offer the wares of other producers. Ohio Hardwood is the product of the years of dedication and vision of its founder, Pascal King-Smith, who brought his love of woodworking and woodcraft with him from the old world to the new where he opened a shop that eventually led to the creation of Ohio Hardwood Furniture.

To that end, Ohio Hardwood Furniture offers its own lines of meticulously designed and crafted hardwood furniture online and in its store as well. They are proud to offer designs carefully crafted from local hardwoods that have been sustainably sourced and harvested and built using time tested and proven constructional techniques. Every piece of their own furniture is completely bench made in the United States. From start to finish, their products are responsibly sourced and made by hand by skilled craftsmen for a quality that is nearly unprecedented on the modern market.

Not only is their unique, handmade hardwood furniture commendable for its unusual quality of construction and materials, but so are their processes. As mentioned, their furniture is crafted from sustainably sourced and harvested hardwoods. In addition to these practices of responsible forest management and harvest, Ohio Hardwood is committed to recycling and reusing any waste they produce. That means that all of their spare cuttings get recycled as fuel for heat, sawdust and shavings get repurposed as bedding or mulch so diminish their negative impact on the environment. It’s just another measure of their commitment to quality – the quality of workmanship and quality of processes.

So if you’re looking for a furniture store in Cleveland, don’t forget to check out Ohio Hardwood Furniture. You can definitely visit their site,, but to get the real impression of what they can offer you might want to visit their location in Peninsula, Ohio. It’s one thing to surf the web in search of furniture and it’s another entirely to actually see it. If you’re in the area or were looking for a furniture store in Cleveland to begin with, carve out some time to visit their store in Peninsula. It will be well worth the trip.

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