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Benefits of Adding Play Towers to Playgrounds

Children need a healthy, nurturing environment to grow up. Proper education and playtime are quintessential for their physical and emotional development. Safe playground equipment makes promoting the right lessons about play and safety, fun.

Such Playground Equipment includes Play Towers. These towers are a setup of climbing fixtures, walkways, slides, etc., that can engage kids in outdoor activity for long hours of the day. Although most children are active by nature, increasing stress in schooling has lowered their playtime. Even if they find time to play outside these days, it is often too physically taxing to go the traditional route. These towers can inspire children to go to the playground.

What is the origin of these towers?

Children explore the world in their own time and pace. Like the adventurers that they are, kids have always managed to find empty fields and cool ponds to play in. But over the years, this free space has decreased. Playing on roads has become dangerous due to the influx of vehicles. Empty fields have become hangout spots or worse, construction sites for skyscrapers.

Traditional playgrounds with the slides, swings and see-saws are still there. However, they might seem a little boring to the kids of this day and age. Many of them seek the thrill and adventure, not the routine monotony of swinging to and fro. Giving them safe places to explore this side of them with a dash of imagination can help them build up their self-confidence.

What exactly are these towers?

The adventure part was often sacrificed for the sake of safety. While keeping children protected is of utmost importance, that sucked out a lot of fun from their playtime. So, what if we told you that it is possible to combine these two? That is where these towers come into play. Specialists have designed them according to the BSI safety guidelines. They have also got approval from the Association of Play Industries (API). That checks all the boxes for the safety of children in the playground. These Play Towers consist of stainless steel constructions that can be of any shape and size. Different combinations of frameworks allow children of different ages to enjoy themselves. Inclusivity in the designs of these towers facilitates kids of all abilities to savour their playtime.

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What is the role of these towers in playgrounds?

Towers in playgrounds allow children to take chances. But this is not at the cost of encountering any real danger. Playing together helps kids to knit close friendships at a young age. Children have an active imagination. Roleplaying in different tower setups is a typical play for them. That boosts their creativity. Thus, in addition to physical activity, the towers help in their mental development.


Play Towers are a great addition to any playground, large or small. As we mentioned, they can help children grow physically and emotionally. These towers are available in a multitude of sizes and prices. Thus, finding the right fit for the local playground will be easy.

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