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Benefits of corporate office plants according to horticulture experts

Plants are important as they are the primary producers and the only one to convert solar energy into chemical energy for providing food to man, birds, animals, other organisms, etc. Plants utilize photosynthesis to convert CO2 and H2O into carbohydrates and oxygen. However, without plants the oxygen in the atmosphere would be consumed when it oxidizes other substances through combustion, rusting, weathering, respiration, etc. So, why don’t you have one in your office?

Many studies have proven that adding some greenery in the form of corporate office plants can have major positive benefits on the employees as well as their organizations. The same goes for remote and home workers. Further, here are some reasons why you should invest in indoor office plants. Just have a look.

What are the benefits of having corporate office plants at the workplace?

Do you know including green friends is the best way to bolster productivity and add some cheer to your office? Besides, corporate indoor plants are a cost-effective way to brighten up your team’s workday, equally improving productivity.

1. Reduce stress levels

Science has proven that working with plants can lower both physiological and psychological stress. Thus, potting indoor plants and actively maintaining them provides an opportunity to forget about troublesome, stressful things that happen in your workplace. Equally, the color green is known to have a relaxing and soothing effect, so decorating offices with this shade can have a lot of benefits in the workplace.

2. Decrease illness/sickness

Studies have also shown that workspaces integrating plants and elements of nature into their office design increase scores of wellbeing by 15%, equally heighten productivity by 6% compared to spaces without these additions. Besides, there is also much evidence proving that office plants can decrease symptoms of poor health – like fatigue, dry skin, nose and eye irritation, etc.

3. Helps reduce sick days

A primary effect that indoor pots Meblourne plants can have on an employee’s well-being is the reduction of sick days taken. Plants readily filter toxins from the rooms that they grow in and help freshen up the place. Thus, if your office has poor ventilation, then your team may be at risk of developing the sick building syndrome with symptoms like headaches, nausea, difficulty in concentrating, even flu-like symptoms, etc. However, plants alone cannot fix all of the problems associated with this office phenomenon, but they help reduce the burden to a large extent.

4. Reduce noise levels

Yes, plants absorb sound. This natural trait in plants helps to reduce the distracting effects of background office chatter. So, placing large, potted plants in the corners and edges of the office rooms is the best way to reap the benefits.

5. Reduce the use of energy

Many don’t know this – when plants breathe, they raise the humidity levels in the building, and enough of them can lower the temperature inside by 10°C (50°F) or more. So, you can try some larger species of indoor trees to maximize this effect and reduce the use of your office AC. This might not be an all-in-all solution to reduce your energy use, but it can surely set your office to an eco-friendlier path.

6. Boost the productivity rate

Multiple types of research have shown that plants in the workplace increase productivity. So, by adding even one plant of three to four feet, you are improving your employees’ memory retention and are helping them to earn higher scores in their work. After all, it’s all about the psychological engagement of the work environment which boosts happiness and production.

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Some good that you can put in your office

a. Areca palms: It has been considered the most efficient natural air humidifier. They can keep your office space pleasantly humidified without any airborne toxins. 

b. Peace lilies: Peace Lily is a gorgeous plant and one that can enhance your indoor air quality by as much as 60%. A peace lily with blooming white bulbs is truly a sight to behold, especially when several peace lilies of varying sizes illuminate different parts of the office. Besides they are also considered a low-maintenance plant.

c. Cactus plant: A cactus plant can be a great plant for your office desk and also is a good start for enriching your workspace and purifying the air within. Also, cactus plants are known for their hardy nature and require little watering when compared to others. 

d. Bamboo plant: The bamboo plant produces 35% more oxygen than other plants and helps decrease the number of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. 

Office with abundant green plants improves employee health by significantly reducing the number of airborne bacteria. So, start picking your collection of corporate office plants at Foliage Indoor Plant Hire. We are pioneers in the industry who can help you create a beautiful workspace by suggesting the right plants for your office environment. Call us for more!

About plantmeblourne

Foliage Indoor Plant Hire offers a large stunning selection of planters and office plant pots for you to choose in Melbourne. You can select planters as per your choice. They are the most experienced company offering best interior plant design services to meet your needs. For more details about our indoor plant hire services you can visit our company located in Melbourne or check out our official website.

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