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Benefits of Embedding Review Widget On Website?

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There are many channels that brands and businesses use to attract, engage, and convert users into customers. In this digital media age, the website has become one of the most important channels for these businesses.

As many users today tend to engage with brands & businesses over the websites so it becomes essential to make this digital storefront i.e. website intriguing, engaging, and valuable. 

To drive your brand trust, user engagement, conversions, and growth, the content on your website needs to fulfill these objectives mentioned above and user reviews are the best way to do so. 

What Are User Reviews?

User reviews are basically when the real authentic customers of a brand share their experience, feedback, opinion, and reviews about a brand and its product & services, quality, value for money, etc. 

The user reviews are indicative of the fact that users value their investments in the brand and are making voluntary efforts to share their experiences to the global community with utmost transparency. 

Not just that, these reviews are hugely important for those who are potential customers to a business or brand as it helps them make an informed decision about their investment through understanding the credibility, brand image, authority, etc. 

User reviews are the validation to your marketing or branding messages given by the actual authoritarians. 

Why Embedding User Reviews On Website? 


  1. Proof Of Authenticity & Realistic Attribute

For consumers, it is essential that brands or products they are investing in are valuable, authentic, and worth. Thus, the content on your website needs to showcase the authenticity and realistic attribute of your brand. 

User reviews are a perfect way to showcase that authenticity & reliability as the consumers are providing validation to your brand image & quality. User reviews are the statements by real customers based on their real experiences with a business. 

  1. Build Trust & Reliability

The spammy, misrepresentative, and over promotional marketing by brands has led to distrust and unreliability among the users towards the brands. 

Therefore, user reviews help in showing the actual and true information about the value of brand and its product/services quality, etc. that leads to building trust and reliability over the brand. More than 90% of the consumers trust such reviews while making their online purchases. 

  1. Display Advocacy & Brand Desirability

Advocacy and positive word of mouth by the existing customers is extremely important for the brands as this content is highly influential in shaping the engagement and conversion decisions of the users. 

Therefore, the user reviews are a sign of credibility and authenticity of the brand that helps in guiding the users towards sales funnel and building a loyal following for the brand. It also helps in bringing the transparency of information about your business and its operations. 

  1. Increase Social Impact & Influence

Social media is probably the most important marketing channel for brands and businesses and it also greatly helps in guiding traffic to the brand website. 

So, embedding google reviews on website helps you showcase your brand trustworthiness, credibility, authenticity, reliability, etc. to the social media visitors that can lead to leveraging reviews for social media brand building. 

When social media traffic will come across such valuable reviews, it will help you in increasing your social media following, having brand advocates, gaining social recognition, etc. This will increase your influence and impact on social media channels. 

  1. Enhance User Engagement

As you display user-generated content i.e. user reviews on your website, it helps in increasing the user engagement as the content becomes highly valuable, trustworthy, diversified, and authentic. 

Engagement is known to be the most important performance indicator for any website and it lays the foundation for a powerful and beneficial SEO strategy. Also, user reviews are shared by existing customers so it makes the content hugely relatable to the potential customers to get more relevant information. 

  1. SEO Benefits

Search engine optimization and website are extremely important to each other where SEO helps in ensuring better and more fruitful performance for the website. 

Content plays a huge role in improving the SEO performance & website performance in the SERP.  So, as we discussed earlier that, reviews increase user engagement and it leads to an increase in the user dwell time. 

Similarly, an increase in dwell time results in reduced bounce rate along with having high value for content among Google’s search results ranking algorithm and uplifting the search engine rankings for your website

  1. Increase Conversions & Revenue

Conversion rate and revenue generation are the most crucial objectives for any website and content plays a huge role in driving the conversion rate of any website. 

To drive conversions and sales, the content needs to be trustworthy, reliable, authentic, and informative of the brand image, quality, customer service, etc. and user reviews successfully fulfill these criteria. 

Most of the users tend to actively search for these user reviews while indulging in online commerce. So, the reviews will greatly improve your website returns on investment and conversion rate. 


As we discussed above, the user reviews are an extremely crucial part of any business and they need to be acknowledged and rewarded accordingly for maximum beneficial outcomes. 

Now that you have understood the importance of user reviews, it is essential that you find the opportunities underlying the integration of reviews with your website. 

So, finally, to embed user reviews on the website you can leverage the best tools like Google review widget for websites which will also provide you with diverse expansive functionalities for driving brand growth & success. 

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