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Best 7 In-app messaging API Providers for iOS, Android and Web Apps

In the present virtual environment worldwide, the importance of digital communication has grown more than ever. This, in turn, has led to the accelerated popularity of chat applications over time. As a matter of fact, in app messaging has taken the business milieu by storm as it allows businesses to engage with their customers at the right time. Are you planning to develop your in-app messaging platform? In this article, we shall discuss the top in app messaging API providers for iOS, Android, and web applications. Stay with us! 

What is in-app messaging?

Let us first discuss the meaning of in-app messaging before delving into the details of top  in app messaging API providers. 

in app chat providers

In-app messaging basically involves messages that pop up while the user is interacting with your chat platform. In-app notifications, message center messages, in-app messages are some of the other names for in app messaging. It helps you in advanced audience targeting and enables you to reach your customers when it matters the most. So, to cut it short, in app messaging can be defined as the direct mode of communication between you and your valuable customers.  Give real-time assistance to your customers via in app messaging

Top Industries that benefit from the in-app messaging platform

The popularity of in app messaging has been escalating consistently. But some industries tend to benefit more from in-app chat platforms. Some of them being the entertainment industry, online gaming, e-commerce, payment, and traveling sector. Let us take a closer look at them one by one.

1.Entertainment Industry

It can be said that an in app messaging platform is one of the best ways to garner your customer engagement. Now, in-app messaging platforms can be utilized in the entertainment industry. In-app messaging platforms tend to step up user engagement and retention. For instance, Netflix’s ‘Netflix Party’ is quite popular as it allows you to watch your favorite movies or shows with your friends virtually and also enables you to text each other while watching a movie. This way, customer satisfaction is maximized to the fullest.  Hence, when you use in-app messaging in your application, the likelihood of customers sticking to your app increases.

in app messaging api for enterainment apps

2. Gaming Platform

Another major industry that benefits from in-app messaging platforms is online gaming.  With in app messaging, players can have a one-on-one chat with other players and even engage in a group chat. This, in turn, enhances the gaming experience of the players. Moreover, it tends to add more fun elements to the game. Hence, in-app chat has the potential to make a game more and more popular. In fact, certain games even support voice call features. 

3. E-commerce industry

E-commerce businesses also gain a huge advantage from in-app messaging platforms. Advanced chat features help businesses connect with their customers in no time and offer better customer service. In-app messaging can also be utilized to guide customers through the buying process and conduct product purchases.  Also, customers can reach e-commerce businesses quickly via real-time chat communication. Hence, in-app messaging helps in building better brand loyalty, thereby generating more sales.

 4. Travelling  and payment sector

 With in-app messaging platforms, travel businesses can expand their reach efficiently by enabling them to purchase tickets without delays.  Moreover, they can be leveraged to process payments, announce discount offers, and much more. So, utilizing in-app messaging is a good option if you want to strengthen your business’s popularity.

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6 Popular In-App Messaging SDK & API Providers to Build the Best In-App Messaging Platform for your business

Leading in-app messaging tools provided by top-notch API providers can help you move up the customer satisfaction ladder. They can help enhance customer engagement and expand your business horizon. Let us look at them one by one:

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

t is the #1 enterprise communication solution that can be leveraged by diverse industries. Contus MirrorFly helps you integrate highly secured  APIs and SDKs into any device or platform. MirrorFly is a self-hosted chat API and messaging SDK that helps build a real-time chat app for iOS, Android, and web platforms. It supports  1-to-1 Private & Group Chat, File & Screen Sharing, Push Notifications, Cross-Platform Messaging, and others.

  • 150+ modern messaging features 
  • 100% customized 
  • On cloud/on-premises 
  • End-to-end encryption 
  • High backend infrastructure
  •  24*7 customer support
  •  Implementation of monetization ideas 
  • Chat analytics

Price – One-time payment for the license

Supporting Platform– Android, iOS & web

2. Apphitect

It is a multi-faceted chat API and messaging SDK that supports instant messaging apps and enables you to communicate in real-time with your customers. It is easy to integrate into your chat platforms. With cutting-edge technologies, Apphitect offers multilingual translation features.

  • Customized in-app messaging solutions 
  • Real-time communication with extended collaborative utilities. 
  • Multimedia sharing 
  • Enhanced social interactions
  • Completely secured 
  • Reliable and scalable 
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Zero downtime possibility

Price -. Customized pricing

Supporting Platform – Android, iOS, and Windows devices


 An extremely easy-to-use API and a fully managed chat app on the backend. It delivers 2.5B+ messages per month.  It tends to drive higher engagement and better business outcomes.

  • Modern messenger features 
  • Offline messages 
  • Moderations 
  • Announcements 
  • Private group chat 
  • Supergroup private 
  • Public group chat
  • Unread message count

Price  -. One free trial and then paid service

Supporting platform – Android, iOS, JavaScript, Flutter,  Unity

4. Cometchat

One of the leading chat APIs and SDKs made specifically to fulfill your chat requirements.  Get in-depth documentation and tutorial for faster implementation. It is endlessly extensible and comes with end-to-end encryption.

  • Push notifications
  • Email notifications 
  • Real-time translation 
  • Profanity information 
  • One-on-one and group conversation 
  • Typing indicators
  • Read indicators 
  • Online presence indicators

Price – 7 days free trial and then paid service.

Supporting Platform – iOS, Android & web


One of the most popular in app chat API providers with flexible components. It helps you customize your chat app.  One of the best parts about Pubnub is that it is highly scalable. Create apps in minimal time due to its pre-built chat components.

  • Unread message counts
  • Media sharing 
  • Gif 
  • Message reaction 
  • User presence indicators
  • Mentions 
  • Typing indicators
  • Push notifications

Price -. Free demo and then paid service 

Supporting platform -. Android, iOS, and Web

6. Twilio

Twilio is a popular programmable messaging API. It helps you connect with your customer wherever they want. It has encouraged 795+ billion interactions across various channels.

  • Cross channel messaging 
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • Proactive notifications 
  • Intelligent chatbots 
  • Account notifications
  • Dispatch notification
  • Contact center
  • Appointment reminders

Price – Both free and paid 

Supporting Platform – Android, iOS & web


CONTUSFly offers a completely customisable chat solution that also comes with access to the source code. It is lauded for being the most scalable option out there, as 2 million users can testify. The rich messaging solution allows private and group chats, file-sharing, message broadcasts, screen-sharing and cross-platform messaging across Web, iOS and Android

  • White-lable In-app chat platform
  • Audio & Video calling
  • Call Recording
  • Brodcasting Message
  • Secure Document Sharing

Price – One-time Payment

Supporting Platform – Android, iOS & web


Given the digital age, investing in an advanced in-app messaging platform makes a lot of sense. Communication is one of the top sources to boost relationships with your customers. Hence, it is important to enhance your chat platforms with highly advanced features. Thanks to in-app messaging APIs that you can easily integrate modern age chat features into your Android, iOS, and web applications. What are you waiting for? Level up your communication game with in-app messaging today. 

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