Best Asian Summer Travel Destination


Are you looking for a destination to spend your summer holiday? Look no further, Asia is the perfect destination for you. In most parts of Asia summers are very hot, that the ideal weather to be on holiday. There are countless destinations to decide on as you plan a summer trip to Asia. This article will give you perfect recommendations for the most exciting places you can’t afford to miss out.

1. Thailand, Koh Phangan.

The Koh Phangan island is the Ibiza of the east. This Island is the ideal place to be primarily for someone adventurous. There are many fun activities you can do around this area to make your tour more exciting. They include visiting various eye-catching waterfalls, going on bicycle tours, diving and many other activities. Thailand is famous for the different types of foods that are sold in the markets.

There is no way you can be in Thailand and fail to sample various kinds of these foods. At night go for an Island hopping. If you are a partier kind of a person, don’t miss out on the full moon parties. These parties are famous all over Thailand, with lots of fun activities taking place, from stage performance like the fire eaters, the jugglers, and dancers.

There are many other places you can visit in Thailand, such as Koh Samui, with amazing things to do.

2. Indonesia, Bali

Bali is one of the most famous vacation destinations in Asia. While in Bali, you can explore the ancient monuments and get informed on the cultural history of this location the shores of Balangan has the best spots to relax as you watch alternatively get to Canggu and enjoy watching its surfers. There is a famous temple at Bali called Uluwatu that is a must-visit.

3. Hong Kong.

Most people who are unfamiliar with Hong Kong ask whether it is part of China or not. The truth is Hong Kong, and China observes one nation two systems. Hong Kong is famous for its towering skyscrapers making the city exceptionally beautiful.

There are countless things you can do in Hong Kong, going to the spa to get some Hong Kong massage, this unique kind of massage technique is relaxing, and it’s an experience you will never forget. Hong Kong is home to beautiful sceneries to explore such the most incredible rock formations at Tung Ping Chau, hopping on the Iconic star ferries in, peak tram climbs that rise up to 1300 feet above the sea level, visiting the magnificent Buddhas monastery and so much more places.

4. Japan, Okinawa.

You can be tempted to travel to Okinawa, Japan, just for food. Summers are the best times to be in this place because of the city’s subtropical ambiance. The best place to spend your time is at the Island where you can go hiking, scuba dive at Miyako island, visit a nature museum at Ufugi. For history, lovers, make sure to Shuri castle and learn more.

If you haven’t been to any Asian country, start planning for a trip in the coming summer. I guarantee you that it’s an experience that will be hard to forget. Research carefully on your preferred destinations and gather all requirements.

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