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Best Beauty tips of skin, Makeup kit | Beauty Box

Makeup kit
Beauty tips | Beauty Box of Makeup

Excellence tips for human skin:

The data information constrained in this physical is for enlightening reason as it were. Limit of lawful obligation and state of assurance Makeup kit:

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Likewise, you should utilize this data as you see fit, some different tips are following:

Beauty Tips & Advantages


Use the lemon on the face with peel into the Multani mitti your face is fresh all day and dark spots will be lightened to use the lemon. You can also use the lemon on the hand and feet to lighten your skin gradually. Lemon is a very powerful ingredient to lighten your skin fastly.


Use the raw milk with Multani mitti and add some drops of rose water and then apply on the face. It will moisturize your face. Raw milk is very beneficial for the skin and Multani mitti is an organic ingredient to that doesn’t harm your skin. Rosewater is used to fresh up your skin and shine is display on the skin using the rose water use in Makeup kit.


Aloe vera gel is applied directly to the face. It is a very organic ingredient. Use to shine and healthy skin.


Tomato is used also directly on the areas that have blackheads and whiteheads and rub the frozen tomato cut into pieces and rub on those areas and blackheads are removed.


Orange peels use with Multani mitti is a very organic face pack to glow your skin. And also used orange peels with Gram flour(Besan).


Use the water all day and drink 10 to 20 glasses on a day to hydrate your body and clear the skin and get healthy skin fastly. Not even a pimple on the face.


Use the rosewater spray on the skin and tap the cotton pads on it and stay with the whole night and take a good sleep. With this remedy, the skin is bright and healthy through Makeup kit.


Cucumber is used to skin moisturizer to skin hydrated and healthy and not to take any risk of harmful ingredients on the face.cucumber is very fit ingredients for the is also used in the eye to clean the dark circles. And rub ky cucumber is a rub on the skin is very healthy for your skin.


Use the potato on the skin and use potato peel on the skin very effectively to lighten your skin and light your dark circles.


Use Turnamic powder a pinch on the besan and add some rose water on it and apply on the face to get a golden glow on the face. It is used twice a week for fast results in our product like Makeup kit.

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