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Best Carnation and Alstroemeria Flowers for Home Decore

If you have ever bought alstroemeria and carnation flowers, you have been amazed by how long-lasting they are. These cut flowers can last for up to three weeks. Alstroemeria flowers are also referred to as Peruvian lilies, and they look like miniature lilies. These flowers bloom during the spring and early summer.  and alstroemerias both come in many different colors and varieties.

These colors also come with different meanings. This article will give you the best carnations and alstroemeria flowers for home décor or any other events. You can also use these flowers as gifts for your friends or relatives for any event.

Alstroemeria Flowers

Alstroemeria flowers are among the most beautiful flowers that come in different colors. These flowers are scentless, and you can use them in home décor or as gifts to your friends or relatives. They are available in 50 lovely species and originated from South America. These flowers last up to two weeks but make sure not to expose them to heat. The following are alstroemeria flowers that you may use for home décor.

Adonis Alstroemeria Flowers

Adonis is a lovely type of alstroemeria that is 18 inches tall. It has bright petals which are slightly curved downwards at an acute angle. These flowers do better if you plant them where there is shade. Adonis also prefers partial shade or full sun. These alstroemeria flowers are yellow and will do perfectly well in vases and containers.

Aimi Flowers

Aimi is a tall type of alstroemeria that is thirty inches tall. The lovely flowers bloom from June to November. It has white petals with pink flushes and will look better in vases and containers also. You can use this lovely flower to decorate your home, and you will not be disappointed.

Alstroemeria Aurea

Aurea is a summer flower that has small petals and resembles orchids. It has yellow or orange petals that sometimes have dark stripes or specks. These flowers grow in bushy shapes and are three fit high. They do well if planted in full sun and moist soil. You also grow this flower quickly because pests and diseases do not attack it.

Alstroemeria Light

Light are mixed flowers that grow up to three feet tall. They come in different colors of pink, orange, and scarlet. They are also referred to as Saint Martin’s flowers, and they are a lovely addition to any garden. You can use these flowers to decorate your home for any event. Arrange them in a vase or a basket, and you will enjoy the view.


Antarctica is a dwarf perennial that grows up to 16 inches high. This flower has white petals and is very lovely. They grow in early summer and early fall. You can easily maintain these flowers, and it is best for people who want to grow them for the first time. Antarctica flowers have thin leaves and will look lovely on containers and vases. If you want to decorate your home, these flowers are the best.


These alstroemeria flowers bloom from early summer to early fall. They have pink petals and yellow throats. Butterscotch grows up to four feet high, and make sure to grow it in a partial shade or full sun. It has green leaves and sturdy stems, giving it the ambiance that other flowers have. You can grow and maintain these flowers easily. Butterscotch always attracts pollinators and butterflies.


Candy is another type of alstroemeria flower that is pink in color. This flower grows up to three feet tall and makes a lovely border. Candy looks perfect in any garden. It is also great for those who want to grow it for the first time because it is easy. You can use this flower to decorate your home.

Blue Heaven

The alstroemeria blue heaven grows up to three feet high. They have blue petals and yellow throats. You can find these flowers from June to November, and they like full sun. Blue heaven is easy to maintain and grow as well.

Carnation Flowers

Carnation flowers are among the most beautiful and popular flowers in the universe. The flowers bloom for three to four years. These flowers come in different colors and varieties. You can use these lovely flowers in any event or to also decorate your home. They are also popular during Mother’s Day celebrations. The following are the most popular types of carnations.

White Carnations

White is one of the most beautiful colors of carnations. The color represents good luck, and you should use it as a gift or for décor purposes. These flowers bloom all year long and also carry a message of prosperity. White carnations are soft and sweet. You can use this flower to decorate a birthday event because it will make the room look lovely.

Dianthus caryophyllus is one of the most popular white types of carnations. These varieties come in large flowers, and their foliage is green. These flowers last for an extended period, and you should use them to decorate your home.

Red Carnations

Red carnations are mainly used to express deep love feelings. These flowers will look lovely in any arrangement. If you are planning an engagement event, these flowers would be the best décor or gifts. Romeo carnations are the most popular ones. These varieties have red-flowered borders with white stems. They have a sweet smell, and you can find them any time of the year.

Garden spice is another popular type of red carnation. These varieties produce small, frilly, and red double flowers that bloom for a long time. These flowers have a sweet fragrance, and they add a lovely texture to any flower arrangement.

Pink Carnations

Pink carnations are a symbol of the pure and eternal love of a mother. If your mum is celebrating any occasion in her life, this flower would be the best gift. You can use it to decorate the event as well. These flowers are also known to mean thankfulness. If you want to appreciate someone, these flowers would be the best choice.

Grenadine pink carnations are one of the most popular pink types. These flowers are deep pink, and they always attract butterflies. These varieties are large and last long with a sweet smell. Always go for these flowers if you want to decorate your home or any event. You can also send them as gifts.

Yellow Carnations

Carnation flowers come in yellow colors also. These flowers bloom during the spring, and they make a lovely arrangement during the spring. The most popular varieties are Clarion and Golden Sun carnations. Clarion has double yellow flowers, and the stem is sturdy with an upright stem, and the foliage is grey.

Golden sun carnations are the best cut flowers. They also have long stems and lovely huge yellow flowers that smell like cloves. The yellow color of carnations will make the event look lovely. You can also use this flower to decorate your home because it is long-lasting and has a sweet smell.


Carnation flowers are as popular as . These flowers come in different colors and varieties. Both flowers are also long-lasting and are fit for décor purposes or even as gifts. Before you buy these flowers, make sure to check their storage conditions.

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