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Best Electric Razor For Bikini Area

Best Electric Razor For Bikini Area

For many, the coronavirus epidemic has rendered their usual grooming regimen obsolete. In this attempt at grooming, women are more likely interested to purchase best electric razor for bikini area This is just one of many dilemmas that you may be facing these days. Especially when your typical grooming method isn’t feasible while socially separating.

This year’s summer will be quite different from previous years, yet there may be certain occasions to wear a bathing suit that are still safe. If you’re used to shaving down to your vulva, we understand your desire to learn how to do it more effectively.

Having said that, we’re not going to urge somebody to stop shaving their pubic hair if it makes them feel good. However, we’re here to guide you through the process of doing your hair care in the safest manner possible. 

So, in case you’re curious about how to properly shave your pubic hair, we are here to help you out with step by step approach.

Why do you have pubic hair at all?

The origins of pubic hair are a mystery. There is some speculation that it might protect women’s vaginas from both dirt and friction during exercise or intercourse.

 As an alternative, some people believe that pubic hair contains pheromones that indicate one has attained reproductive maturity. This is an unsubstantiated hypothesis.

However, despite the lack of conclusive evidence, most begin to grow pubic hair around the time they hit puberty. It is also marked by the appearance of other types of hair growth, including hair on the armpits and the face. It can appear in different places depending on the gender of the individual.

Neither the fact that pubic hair is a normal component of human development nor the many pubic hair removal trends imply that you must groom it. It’s totally up to you whether you chose to shave, trim, or just leave it alone. 

However, since you’re here, you likely want to do something with it. In contrast to obtaining a professional bikini wax, shaving is an activity that may be performed at home.

Knowing the hazards is the most critical step in mastering the art of shaving pubic hair.

It’s possible to enhance your risk of irritation, wounds, and ingrown hairs, and infection if you don’t do it intentionally. 

As a result, you should not just use any old razor to shave. Instead, even if it sounds excessive, you need to follow the instructions we’re going to go through. Following these actions will feel more worthwhile if you are aware of the potential dangers. We’re talking about your vulva here, so make sure you know how to securely shave around it before you go to town.

If you’re just starting, you’ll need somebody’s soap and water along with a fresh razor and shaving cream or gel. 


Tips to Shave Bikini Area

There are specific stages that are crucial for shaving. Many of these techniques are equally useful for shaving other parts of your body, such as your legs or your face. Do the following:


  1. Trim it if it’s long

If your pubic hair is a little long, you may want to trim it with scissors first before shaving it. The razor will have an easier time doing its work this way. 


A different razor may be for this region or shave it first. We suggest paying attention to the sequence in which you shave if you don’t have a separate razor for each body section. 


If you’ve already shaved elsewhere on your body, we recommend moving on to something else. Although a sharper razor increases the risk of self-inflicted wounds, “a sharper razor does make a difference”. 


  1. Always use a razor with a sharp blade:

 If you want a close shave without damaging your skin, you need a razor that is as sharp as possible. Even though your razor has an indicator strip to let you know when the blades are dulling, you may need to replace your razor more often than the strip suggests. 


When it comes to shaving, focus on whether the razor “pulls hairs instead of effortlessly cutting them,”. As the razor pulls, it strains the hair and skin, which increases the risk of infection and inflammation. It’s time to replace your razor if it’s dragging instead of cutting. 


  1. You may begin with soap and water: 

Make sure your skin is clean and ready for shaving before you begin. Clean the area with moderate soap and warm water.


A closer, more comfortable shave is by lathering up with hot or warm water. If you’re going to avoid irritation and nicks, don’t use a dry razor. To avoid skin irritation caused by the razor, use a shaving cream created for the purpose. 


  1. Don’t be harsh

We advise against shaving in the opposite direction of hair development. Even though it’s tempting to keep going over the same area of skin until it’s ultrasmooth. 


This may help you avoid ingrown hairs and other problems, such as cuts. If your razor is dull and clogged with hair and shaving cream, it won’t be as effective as a clean one.


Finish your shave with a moisturizing lotion to lock in the freshness of your shave. Many use coconut oil as a moisturizer. But “many don’t appreciate the concept of anything extremely heavy, like oil, since you might block pores.”


If you’ve been using heavier products and like them, you can remain with them. For first-time razor users, use a milder lotion or cream. This will ensure that the follicles or pores are not obstructed or blocked.


  1. Avoid ingrown hairs by using anti-ingrown hair products: 

An ingrown hair causes irritation and pimples if hair grows back into the skin rather than out and away from the body. 


There are several reasons why ingrown hairs might be so frequent after shaving your pubic hair. Ingrown hairs may be reduced by following the aforementioned measures to prepare the skin for shaving. 


Preventive exfoliation with a mild chemical exfoliator like salicylic acid may also be an option. Serums that claim to prevent ingrown hairs may also work for you.


Some tips to shave bikini area for different hair types

Take a bath or shower for 5 to 10 minutes to soften your skin and enlarge your hair. Preparation is key when it comes to getting a smooth shave. Do not apply any product directly to the vaginal entrance, the anal opening or the ureter. After each swab, rinse your razor.


  • For the general pubic area.: Pull your skin tight and shave in the direction of hair development for the region above your genitals and your bikini or brief line. In slow, steady strokes, shave toward the base of the shaft. Pull the skin tight and make careful downward strokes if you want the hairless part.
  • In favor of a vulva devoid of hair: The labial folds should be worked on one side at a time. When shaving, hold the skin tight and shave with a light touch.
  • For beautifying a bushy tail: In a downward stroke, you may shave your butt cheeks of hair. Place a portable mirror on the floor and stand over it with your legs hip-width apart. Do this for your crack and perineum. Start with a squat that isn’t too difficult. Shave the side of your face you’re working on first, then switch to the other.

The most important thing to remember while shaving is to take your time.

Don’t hurriedly go through it. To become an expert at shaving your pubic hair, you need to take your time. Going gently when grooming is a good idea at this time. 

Since we should all be doing our best to avoid non-coronavirus-related medical issues. It’s still a good idea to contact a doctor if there are any significant injuries or symptoms of infection.

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