Element E-Liquid is one of the most recognizable vaping brands in the world. It is an American-based e-liquid company. This brand strives to satisfy the need of the vapers by offering wide range of e-juice flavors. They are known for their iconic periodic table style packaging and their variety of simplistic and delicious flavors. However, finding the most pleasurable flavor among the huge range of flavors can be a little tricky. So, we’ve put together best and popular Element E-juice flavors for your most pleasurable vaping experience.


This flavor is no need to steep, as it comes ready to vape. This flavor contains lemonade and a mixture of fresh red fruits. It tastes exactly like the real drink. On the inhale, you will get the tangy lemonade flavor with subtle sour notes. On the hit you’ll get sweet and citrus taste. On the exhale, the two primary flavors intertwine and thus you’ll get most satisfying taste during vaping. This is a very traditional authentic tasting lemonade flavored e-juice that is well worth trying if you like real lemonade.

Strawberry Whip

It is like a strawberry milk shake. Strawberry Whip by Element combines the flavors of sponge cake, strawberries and whipped cream to create a creamy dessert e-liquid. It is extremely smooth as a vape. Element have managed to perfectly capture the elegant simplicity of strawberry shortcake. If you love strawberries then this irresistible flavor is highly recommended.


It is a delicious fruity vape. Contrasting fruits flavors are blended to create an irresistible bitter sweet vaping experience. On inhale you’ll get bold flavor of pink grapefruit and then sweet notes of summer blueberries take over. The sharp taste of a juicy pink grapefruit is balanced with delicious blueberries. Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry is an enticing flavor that will give you a refreshing feel during vaping.

Watermelon Chill

This vape juice in UK, offers the juiciest Watermelons for the fruit lovers. On inhale, you’ll get the refreshing sweetness of fresh watermelon slices. A dash of Mint gives this e-liquid a cooling Menthol finish to it. .Refreshing watermelon with the smooth chill of menthol and mint is the perfect remedy to beat the heat. Watermelon Chill demonstrates Element’s ability to create a simple, yet magnificent and vibrant juicy flavor.

Honey Roasted Tobacco

Honey Roast Tobacco e-liquid is a unique flavor of earthy Tobacco with sweet and nutty undertones of Caramel and honey. This self indulgent e-liquid will really soothe the senses. If you are a tobacco lover, but want something a little bit sweeter and savory, then you can go for this flavor.

Fresh Squeeze

It is a citrus fruit blend. It tastes something between a freshly squeezed orange juice and Tang. On inhale, you’ll get Zesty notes and ripe orange flavour aids a sweeter exhale for a smooth and light vape. After a few vapes the flavour really settles in, leaving your mouth with a pleasant taste that will remind you orange popsicles. It is designed specifically to refresh your palette. If you enjoy a cold glass of orange juice or freshly sliced orange, then this refreshing flavor is definitely for you.

Neon Red Slushie

Neon Red Slushie blends juicy watermelon with sweet red berry flavor to create a delightful and totally refreshing vape experience. On inhale, your taste buds are greeted by the taste of juicy red cherries, velvety strawberries and pungent raspberries with a hint of ice. This revitalizing best vape juice, will definitely made for summertime enjoyment.

Chocolate Tobacco

It has tobacco flavor with a nice chocolaty aftertaste .Most of the chocolate flavor e-liquids either don’t capture that authentic cocoa taste, or have an unpleasant aroma. It has velvety, smooth chocolate flavor to it. If you’re a tobacco and chocolate lover, this would be real treat for you.

Mango passion

It is a punchy tropical flavor. Mango Passion features sweet mango and passion fruit flavors with anicy finish. This divine flavour is part of Element’s Sub Zero Range. Mango Passion is one of Element’s sweetest flavours. It offers smooth, calming throat hit. On inhale, you’ll get the mouth-watering taste of sweet mango and passion fruit, if you are a mango lover then you should try this fruity flavor.

Key Lime Cookie

Key Lime Cookie is described as Element themselves as ‘the dessert of the islands’. This flavor perfectly balances between a delicious dessert and a bold citrus fruit.


Finding the perfect e-liquid flavor is not an easy task. I would suggest you to experiment with Element e-liquids. It can be assured that you’ll find your special flavor among these amazing ten flavors mentioned about.

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