Best Engineering backpacks for students for 2020


Today, I’d like to walk through the best engineering backpacks. The perfect bags for everyday use. I’ve got a lot of gear on this table. Let’s quickly pack it up. All right. Now, that’s done. Let’s walk through the features of this bag and see where everything is packed.

Nomadic Backpack

This backpack is made with strong waterproof materials and zippers and is one of the best backpacks for Engineering students in the market right now. Our unique design allows you to hideaway straps to switch between backpack and briefcase, carry the back panel, slips over a roller bag handle to free up your hands while on the move. Or you can purchase nomadic ways straps for additional support on the top of the bag.

There is a fleece-lined pocket for your phone, wallet, and other quick-access items. On the back is a hidden pocket for cash and other valuables. The accessories compartment has multiple mesh plastic pockets for your cords, power banks, and other small items caught pass-through holes.

Connect every compartment of the bag. On the other side, you have a lockable RFID safe pocket to keep scannable items safe. Downbelow is a dedicated notebook pocket, a place for your pens, and multiple mesh and zipper pockets when you need to pack extra. The expansion can increase capacity from 20 to 24 leaders.

The innovative zipper design gives access from all sides with a wide-open view for better visibility and packing. You get top access to a laptop compartment designed to hold up to a fifteen-inch laptop. Each nomadic backpack comes with three interchangeable Velcro panels that let you customize your bag. The tech pocket can hold a tablet, keyboard, mouse, and all your cords.

The paper organizer can hold a tablet and has multiple paper pockets. Lastly, the shoe or clothing pocket can also hold a tablet. The nomadic backpack also comes with a removable hard protective shell for glasses and a retractable leash. Last but not least, our magnetic water bottle pocket expands when you need this space and snaps shut when not in use.

So as you can see, this bag is perfect for life on the move. We can’t wait to see where the nomadic backpack takes you.

X D design Backpack

London, Paris, New York, Shanghai. Petty theft is common in major cities around the world, according to recent numbers. Four hundred thousand pickpocket incidents occur every day around the world. And these are just the reported numbers in the metro.

A lot of commuters use this goofy way of wearing day bags in the front to outsmart the pickpockets. As a solution to this, the Dutch award-winning brand Equity Design has come up with a revolutionary zero-entry antitheft backpack different from normal bags. Its genius lies in its unique rear open structure with the hidden zipper fully fitted into your bag. In addition to that, high density and lightweight materials have been added into the fabric, which protects your bag from being slashed or crushed as a powerful weapon against thieves. It is named Bobby.

This engineering backpack comes with a dozen of edge cutting features like antitheft cut-proof, water-resistant weight, balance, night security, USP, external charging, etc.. How thoughtful. Have you ever imagined being cuddled by a bag? 12 hours a day? Our man men spent 28 years old. Like many office workers, he spends two hours on the metro every day arriving at the ticket barriers. He’s already way ahead of others. Three hidden pockets have been specially designed for quick access to small items. Super convenient. Inside the subway station, he feels safe and secure.

The backpacks unique, the antitheft feature is reflected in the design. The zipper pulls to the main compartment are completely hidden. Against your back, leaving nothing but the puzzles. These. No wonder he appears so relaxed. Now it’s time for work. He starts to prepare for his day.


Impressive. Thanks to the multi-device our structure, this small bag has ample storage on the inside. And so organized. Isn’t that cool? To help you combat the uncertainties, this bag is also spill and stain-resistant.

Your bag will look brand new. Just wipe it with a cloth. The back panels are made of MASH can structure breathable material ergonomically designed to bring you extra comfort while you wear your bag all day.

Since the weight leans firmly against your back, weight is distributed more evenly and your back will feel 20 percent lighter than traditional backpacks. Watch out. You may become addicted to it. After a long day, is your mobile phone running on just one bar? No need to panic. Simply connect to the phone, to the external charging port. No need to take out your power bank from inside.

Nowadays, people lead busy and hectic lives and public security systems are not always reliable. How can we feel safer? Came back our stride and confidence and freedom.

Choose the Bobby backpack and take charge of your life.


We have discussed in detail about the two best engineering backpacks in the market hope you will like them.

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