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Best European Travel Destinations And Tourist Scenery

Austria For Breathtaking Scenery 

Even though you may discover that it’s an expensive destination for travel, Austria has so much going for it. Founded from the European Alps and bordering Switzerland, Austria is famous worldwide for a ski resort. Even so, it has created a name for itself in summer sports as well. 

The excellent clay court tennis player Thomas Muster won the French Open Grand Slam championship back in the 1990s and several other top-class events and was the world’s top-ranked tennis player for some time. As a result, there was a massive spike in interest in the game that, as you’d suppose, was highly predictable, and the Federation had no difficulty selling tickets to the individuals who needed to venture out Austria to the competition at Kitzbuhel.

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Kitzbuhel itself is a skiing and winter sports hotel; however, it has also seen the other end of the climate spectrum. In reality, the temperature was known to rise as large as 40 degrees Celsius during the summer tennis tournament, as the large crowds increase the warmth from the sunlight. During winter, Austria has numerous heroes out of snow and ice sports that they are too many to mention, but this is an excellent destination if winter sports are your passion when you travel to Austria.

Music lovers are also attracted to the journey Austria as it had been the birthplace and home of two of the most influential names in classical music history. Franz Joseph Haydn is often thought of as the father of the string quartet and the symphony. In neither case is that strictly true, but he did lift both forms to an entirely new level. Part of the reason behind this was his affiliation with his near-contemporary, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a composer of even greater genius who raised every form of songs he entered to previously unseen levels.

It’s easy to travel about Austria as you visit the major areas served by the nation’s national rail service. Austria railing isn’t cheap, but it is quick and efficient, and you’re able to save yourself money using a Eurail pass if you are visiting from outside Europe. Inter-city travel is quite common and well supported, and some more significant branch lines allow you to view other less common sections of Austria, and some of these branch lines are even privately owned.

The Austrian train system usually is efficient and runs much to the schedule, and you should not expect anything less when paying high rates. If you’re after a railroad trip with some stunning scenery, going through the Swiss Alps on an alpine train should be high on your list. 

The good news here is that you can save cash by purchasing a special rail pass that covers only Austria and Switzerland, and nothing more. Booking these passes is accessible through the world wide web, and you do not have to know a word of German. These moves are great value for money, and the train is undoubtedly the best option for traveling Austria.

Trip To Belgium

Have a trip to Burgundy Belgium and Brussels, the destination for lovers of the good life. This site gives inspiration and ideas for a (short) vacation in this country. You’ll find tips on the site, visit towns and villages, museums and attractions, and active outings.

 The Grand Place of Brussels has even been voted as the most beautiful square in Europe! The Ardennes is a rich area for holidays with beautiful villages, cities with many hiking possibilities. The number of traffic-free routes for walking and cycling in French-speaking Belgium is also increasing. To go out shopping, for example, you can travel to chic shops and cafes in Liege.

 Belgium is a western European country bordering the North Sea in the west, the Netherlands in the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the southeast, and France in the south.

 It became independent in 1830 after separation from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. The capital is Brussels (Bruxelles in French). The city is as well the capital of Flanders, the French Community, and the administrative centre of the European Union.

 The country has 11,007,020 (04/01/2011) inhabitants and has a high population density of 355.1 / km ² (2010). Sixty per cent of the Belgians speak Dutch, and forty per cent speak French, 74,000 Belgians speak German as their mother tongue.

 Formerly was the main economic activity in Belgium, heavy industry around the coal mines in Wallonia. Still, now the economic focus has shifted to the industry around the ports in Flanders and services in Brussels.

 The Walloon Region (French: Région Wallonne) is a state with its capital Namur (French: Namur). The region comprises the territory of the provinces of Walloon Brabant, Namur, Luxembourg, Hainaut, and Liege. The total surface of the Walloon Region is 16,844 km2, and its population is about 3,315,000. The area has its personal Walloon parliament and its administration, which lives in the territorial capital of Namur.

 The Walloon Parliament chooses the seven priests. The president comes from the Government, the Prime Minister. The Government wields power through decisions and is accountable to parliament. Choices are distributed in the Belgian Official Gazette.


 Because of the three languages, Belgium has been divided into regions and communities with their powers at various state reforms over the past 50 years. The current trend is to increase the powers of the Federal Government to transfer to the various regions and communities. 

 There are three regions in Belgium: the Flemish Region or Flanders, the Brussels-Capital Region also called for short Brussels and the Walloon region of Wallonia. The residents are called, respectively, Flemish, Walloons, and Brussels.

 There are three language communities: the Dutch-language community, the French-speaking community, and the German language community. We will continue to see Belgium for travellers, the most exciting point of view, and that is the division into Flanders and Wallonia. Flanders is Dutch-speaking, Wallonia French and Brussels is officially bilingual. 

 The German part is small; it lies in the eastern part of Belgium and belongs to Wallonia.

 Flanders (Antwerp, East Flanders, Flemish Brabant, Limburg, West Flanders)

    1. The northern, Dutch-speaking region of the country. It is mostly flat and includes well-known cities like Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges, and the Flemish coast.
  1. Brussels
    1. The bilingual capital locale of the nation and central command of the European Union.
  2. Wallonia (Hainaut, Liege, Luxembourg, Namur, Brabant Wallon)
    1. The southern, French-speaking region, including a small German-speaking region in the east near the German border, the East Cantons, with cities such as Eupen, Malmedy, St. Vith, and the Ardennes as a tourist highlight.

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