Best Football Games for PC

Football is known as the beautiful game on earth. More than 200 countries across the world play football, and fans are connected through online gaming. Many sports gaming industries are launching various football games with different gameplay. The thing that is as thrilling as a 90 minute game for fans is a football video game. Like real games, millions and millions of football fans spend hours in their comfort. Here is the list of the best football games for PC so you can select freely. Choose the best game we have tried our best to give you the best.

PES – Pro Evolution Soccer

PES is the best football game for PC. Though this game is popular among android gamers, it has a big fan base among PC gamers. In this football game, you can choose your favorite players, make your dream team with outstanding managing skills. Some of these football game features include strategic dribbling, which allows players to control the ball more intelligently, and Real Touch+ for smoother ball control and improved ball physics. Set pieces have also been reworked with all new penalty and free-kick system in place. A new dedicated 2v2 and 3v3 mode are also included. The game is an upgrade over the previous installments of the franchise.


FIFA is an example of the best football games for PC. No football game can follow the demand for this game from the gamers’ minds. Every year the publishers launch the new versions of FIFA, and last year, EA Sports launched the latest version, FIFA2020. In this game, the gameplay and the players are set up like a real-time player or style. You can select your favorite players and team. Additionally, you can play different modes such as online mode, career mode, tournaments, etc. If you are a die heart fan of football, you must choose this game and play it with your friends on your PC.

Football manager

Have you ever fantasized about yourself as a manager of a favorite football team? I am sure you did; we all do. Well, now there is a perfect game that will make your fantasy come true virtually. This new game features improved gameplay and graphics from the past games. The game lets you take charge of any of the thousand football clubs from over 50 different nations. It focuses on making your team or select from the existing teams and lead it through the league. In this football game, you are everything except the football player. You control play style, transfers, play style, formation, substitutions, etc., and this can provide the player with a lot of fun.

Rock League

What if, rather than humans, played football with cars and other vehicles? Quite a heartfelt thinking, isn’t it? Well, for those who share the same thought, there is the Rocket League. Rocket League is a unique football game, suggested for those who like to experiment. It’s a soccer game at the center, but instead of soccer players, the player controls a ball through a car. The playing field is covered, so there are no outs, and the cars can do a stunt or use a boost to control a ball. It’s among the best soccer games you can play ever. A multiplayer is available where players can play against each other and enjoy this authentic and unique football game.

Championship Manager

The Championship Manager series was the brainchild of two English programmers/game designers Oliver Charles Collyer and Paul Edward, also called the Collyer brothers. The Championship Manager is more than just a game; it is something they fell in love with. If you’ve heard about the legends like Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, and Luis Figo, you know why we put this game on the list. The ’90s were the best periods for football where many football legends were at the top. However, this is not a game where you can play football, but rather be a manager. It was a very renowned game and is still one of the greatest manager games.

Sensible World of Soccer

Right here is the ultimate nostalgia king.

Most games come and go rather rapidly; this 90’s classic has been able to stay applicable even after almost 25 years. The reason why SWOS is ahead of many FIFA and PES games is simply because of its timelessness. Even though it came in many formats and varieties, including the 1992 Mega Drive version, this remains an all-time favorite for football games fans. Sensible World of Soccer is no longer in development, but there are websites where you can download a 1996 DOS version.

New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer is a football video games series, usually famous to football fans. You start your journey as a footballer at the age of 16 and slowly headway towards the top because there is no chance to complete this game in a hurry. New Star Soccer required a player to play football and to succeed at different challenges to win. These challenges can free-kick throughout the wall or get a great pass to a team-mate, for example, but there are also tough challenges that will be available later in the game.

Additionally, with the larger number of consoles and platforms, FIFA 21 will have a new feature: it will get updates for both Xbox Series S and Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5. The advantage, called “Dual Version” by EA, makes sure that those who buy a copy of the game on Xbox One or PS4 will be insured free access to the game’s version for the new generation console. With improved lighting, ultra-fast loading, animations, and rendering, the edition are available.

Now, I hope that you have come to know about the best football games for your PC. Don’t forget to check the hardware requirements with the best football games. The game ratings and gamer’s reviews are also mandatory to check before playing the games. Enjoy the thrilling football gaming experience on your PC. If you still have any confusion you can get in touch with us. Just comment below we will try to answer all your quires. Thank you

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