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gaming chair

Best Gaming Chair In India- Buying Guide

gaming chair

It seems like you have decided to buy a gaming chair, but you do not know which one is the best? Now worry not. This Buying Guide for best gaming chairs in India will help you find your perfect gaming chair

It is important to check some features before buying a gaming chair. Following is a list of all the features you should look for. Since you won’t see all the features on a single gaming chair, it would be best if you selected a chair with as many features as possible.


When choosing a gaming chair, make sure it’s comfortable. Most gaming chairs have an ergonomic design, but you should also check if they are comfortable.


Gaming chairs use a mix of leather, synthetic PU leather, and breathable mesh fabric, making them comfortable for long periods of time. 

Build Quality

Quality gaming chairs should be difficult to build. With a gaming chair, you can play for hours. A chair that produces creepy noises when you sit on it or breaks down after a few months of use is a waste of money.

Check the build quality of the best gaming chair before you buy it. You can find out the quality of the chair by checking its material and its weight capacity.

Easy to move and Space Saving

A gaming chair is a great addition to any home. You should buy such gaming chairs if you want to save more space in your room. 


The backrests of gaming chairs are positioned higher than those in office chairs, providing neck and lumbar support. You can sit for long hours without getting tired because your body is at ease.


Most gaming chairs use dual-color tones in their body so that they are stylish. Dual-color tone provides contrast and a bright look to the chair. The design of the chair is different from a regular chair.

A gaming chair should look stylish for a gamer. Many budget gaming chairs lack style. Our list of the best gaming chairs in India includes chairs that are stylish and use the latest pattern.

Specifications & Features

A product must be ergonomically designed so that it is user-friendly and can benefit the end user in various ways, whether it be in terms of assistance or health. Gaming chairs are no exception. Many gaming chairs have features such as 180-degree recliners, 10-inch cushions, adjustable headrests, and lumbar support. Designed with breathable materials, the chairs provide comfortable long-term use by allowing airflow and preventing heat accumulation.

These ergonomic features are what make gaming chairs so unique and advanced. It is important to be aware of all the features and specifications which make the product stand out in the market in order to choose the best one.


The warranty period should be checked if you’re planning on using the gaming chair for years.


Since everyone has a different body size, the chair size should be different too. Chairs are available in different sizes in the market.

The size of the gaming chair should be considered when purchasing a gaming chair. The size of the chair can be seen in the description or specification. It is not only painful to sit in the wrong size chair but it is also wasteful of money.

How Do We Shortlist The Best Products On Our List?

Frequently Asked Questions about Gaming Chairs

Below are some of the most common FAQs on the sitting ergonomic product. Learning about these will allow you to pick the best gaming chair in India.

Are gaming chairs worth it?

While gaming chairs are expensive, gaming chairs are indeed worth the high price tag given the ergonomic features and health benefits.

What is good about gaming chairs?

gaming chair

Our team has created this informative article for you while sitting on their desk. Chances are you might be reading it while sitting on your sofa or chair. The point is, we are a sedentary society. Most of our jobs involve sitting in one place and working for long hours. But this stance is not healthy for our body, especially the backbone. This is where gaming chairs come into the picture. They provide ergonomic solutions to our health issues and make it easier for us to sit for long hours without straining our bodies.

How long do gaming chairs last?

Most gaming chairs last between a year to five years. It depends on a lot of factors like maintenance, usage and the materials used. Most high-quality brands offer a warranty on their gaming chairs which can range from 1 to 3 years. 

What gaming chairs do streamers use?

gaming chair for streamers

Streamers use costly gaming chairs in order to increase their efficiency and performance while gaming and avoid spinal problems. Here are a few gaming chairs that are popular among them.

  1. VERTAGEAR Racing Series S-Line SL5000 Gaming Chair Black
  2. CELLBELL ® GC03 Transformer Series Gaming Chair
  3. Dr. Luxur LEEROY Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair for Gamers

Does a gaming chair avoid and prevent back pain?

Yes, Of Course, Gaming Chairs are good for back pain as they are built with human-oriented ergonomic construction in mind that helps provide you better gameplay without any issues.

The Chair is Built for Gaming & Relaxation

The best ergonomic gaming chairs are designed not only to give you great comfort while playing your favorite games or making streaming, but to make sure that your back, neck, and arms get enough rest after hours spent on the computer screen.

An ergonomic design that supports your best posture

One of the first things we do when designing our office furniture ensures that our designs are ergonomically sound. This means that they’re both comfortable and well-designed to provide the right support to your body while sitting at your desk. So if you spend eight hours a day at work, your best posture starts from the moment you sit down.

The perfect height for the perfect posture

Whether you need to work at a standing desk or use a laptop, the height of the desk should match your natural stance. You want to find something that matches your hips and spine to keep your knees over your toes and your shoulders relaxed. Whether you need a swivel stool or a stand-up desk, these options are designed to help you stay upright and comfortable throughout the day.

What is The Most Popular Gaming Chair?

Gree soul gaming chair is the most popular gaming chair in India. Its price is into the budget of many people. In the comfort department, this chair gains full points. Its soft cushion gives comfort to the full body.

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive?

Gaming chairs are built with high-quality material. It comes with different adjustable features like height, armrest, backrest, etc. Players sit for long hours on the gaming chair so the chair should be built with soft cushions. All these advanced features in the chair increase the price of the gaming chair.

Which is The Best Gaming Chair india?

Green soul beast series gaming chair is the best gaming chair. It has an ergonomic design with a comfortable seat and padding. You won’t get tired of it in a long gaming session. The price of the green soul beast series is not high. It has all features of the best gaming chair.

Ergonomic Office Chairs : Read More

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