Best Heartfelt Gifts for New Parents


New parents are filled with joy and excitement as they embark on this beautiful journey of parenthood. Celebrating their newfound roles, achievements, and sleepless nights calls for special gestures of love and appreciation. In this article, we’ll explore 10 heartfelt gifts for new parents, ensuring each idea is unique and tailored to make their lives a little easier. These gifts are perfect for any budget, whether you’re looking for something affordable or more extravagant.

How to Congratulate New Parents?

Before we dive into the wonderful world of gift ideas, let’s discuss the best ways to congratulate new parents. A heartfelt message or card, paired with your chosen gift, can make all the difference. Show genuine enthusiasm and happiness for their new journey, and they’ll cherish your words and the gift forever.

Must-Check New Parents Gifts

With a wide range of products on the market, you will surely find a gift that matches the couple’s energy. Here are our suggested ones:

  • Personalised Baby Blanket

Welcome the new arrival with a soft and cuddly personalised baby blanket. You can customise it with the baby’s name and birthdate. It’s a keepsake that new parents will treasure for years to come.

  • Customised Baby Onesies

Gift a set of adorable onesies with cute and funny messages, personalised with the baby’s name. These make for great photos and even better memories.

Don’t forget the family pet! A personalised gift for the dog owner, such as a custom dog collar or dog tag, shows your consideration for the entire family.

  • Spa Voucher

New parents often need some relaxation time. A spa voucher will provide them with a much-needed break. It’s a gift of self-care and tranquillity.

  • Personalised Family Portrait

Commission a talented artist to create a family portrait that will hang proudly in their home. It’s a meaningful reminder of their growing family.

  • Personalised Baby Announcement Sign

Celebrate the arrival of the little one with a personalised baby announcement sign for their front yard. It’s a delightful surprise for them and their neighbours.

  • Baby Essentials Gift Basket

Assemble a gift basket filled with baby essentials like diapers, baby wipes, and cute baby outfits. Practical and thoughtful, it’s always appreciated.

Gift Ideas for New Parents in A Budget

For those that look for gifts at a specific price, we divided gift ideas into 2 groups based on budget:

5 Ideas for New Parents Gifts Under £20

For those on a budget, you can still find heartfelt gifts that won’t break the bank. Here are five thoughtful gifts for new parents under £20:

  • Personalised Baby Bib

A personalised baby bib with a cute design is a practical and personalised gift for the little one.

  • Baby Socks Set

A set of adorable baby socks in various designs will keep the baby’s feet warm and stylish.

  • Baby Teething Toys

Teething toys are essential for every parent. Choose a set that’s safe and fun for the baby to chew on.

  • Baby Milestone Cards

Help new parents capture their baby’s milestones with a set of milestone cards. They can document all the special moments.

  • Baby Onesie Extenders

These handy extenders make baby onesies last longer as the little one grows. Practical and thoughtful.

5 Gifts for New Parents Under £40

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, these gifts under £40 offer added flair:

  • Baby Hand and Footprint Frame Kit

An elegant frame that allows new parents to display their baby’s hand and footprints along with a cherished photo.

  • Personalised Baby Photo Album

A beautifully crafted photo album for storing and showcasing precious memories.

  • Baby Carrier

A comfortable baby carrier can make life much easier for parents on the go.

  • Customised Baby Name Plaque

A decorative plaque with the baby’s name that can be hung in the nursery, adding a personal touch to the room.

  • New Parent Survival Kit

A fun and practical gift basket filled with items to help new parents through those challenging early days.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, celebrating the journey of new parents with heartfelt and personalised gifts is a wonderful way to show your love and support. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to splurge a bit, there are options for everyone. These gift ideas will undoubtedly bring smiles and warmth to the hearts of new parents.

So, when it’s time to congratulate and celebrate the new parents in your life, consider Personal Chic as a place to bring all custom ideas come true. With these personalised items, they will not only appreciate your thoughtful gesture but also cherish the memories associated with your gift for years to come.

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