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Best Piano Movers in Vancouver. Organize the Perfect Move

Piano moving cost, cross, and delight of anyone who has to move home:

It is an imposing part of the furniture, as well as a wonderful musical instrument, which requires care and attention. As it is very easy to damage it while perhaps it must pass through narrow spaces and very narrow flights of stairs. Fortunately, specialized companies know how to make a piano moving in complete safety, and certainly do not look like the protagonists of the old gags of silent cinema:

Depending on the type of instrument, specific protocols are provided for carrying out a piano move in a workmanlike manner. Such as we will see in this guide dedicated to the topic.

Transport pianos moving safely

So let’s see some practical tips on how to move a piano:

Even from one simple room to another it is necessary to be very careful, let alone during a real move. In fact, the internal mechanisms are very fragile and delicate. And a small bump is enough to damage it irreparably, not to mention that even the external artifact could damage with a small scratch. And it would be a pity since many of these musical instruments, especially the oldest, they are made with quality materials, starting from wood. Despite the presence of wheels in some models, the pianos must always raise, also to prevent them from leaving marks on the floor, which in the case of a parquet would not be exactly ideal, to put it mildly.

After carrying out an inspection, the moving of pianos must be subject to a preliminary assessment of how it is best to move:

The most common solution, and also the one usually preferred. Because it is cheaper, involves the disassembly of the legs for vertical transport, and never lateral for avoiding damaging the aforementioned internal mechanisms. Should it ever be found that it is impossible to use this option because even doors and passageways are too narrow, then an aerial platform must be used for the piano moving, which inevitably leads to a rise in costs on the estimated move?

Packaging for transporting pianos

Especially for upright piano moving, it is very important to use caution in the packaging for transporting pianos and for subsequent transfer. The best-specialized companies use cardboard bubble wrap for packaging, double-wave cardboard to protect the corners, and finally the classic roll of adhesive tape. Sometimes it may also be proposed to remove the internal keyboard, but since it is not always necessary for transporting pianos, it is good to evaluate whether it is essential, since it is, as we said, the most delicate part of the instrument.

Even the moving of real pianos from one home to another must carry out with all the trappings. It may seem an exaggeration in the eyes of the layman, but it is also important to establish the internal temperature of the truck, so the ideal would be according to the experts between 15 and 19 degrees, with a percentage of humidity ranging from a minimum of 45 percent to a maximum of 65 percent, to avoid damaging the wood. The specialized company must ensure the moving of pianos employing a van with a dehumidifier or with humidity stabilizer. The advice is also to carry out these operations during the autumn or spring period, on a day without rain, as it is the ideal climate for transporting pianos.

Piano transport: the type of model

As we have mentioned, the instrument’s type of instrument affects the piano transport item. The heavier and bulkier the piano, the greater the possibility that the cost of transporting pianos increases. Here are some examples of the type of piano, and what it entails in terms of moving house.

Not all these models are so widespread in a private home, especially the grand tail, which is the heaviest and most difficult to consider in a piano transport, is very rare in a home, where vertical ones are widespread from wall or studio. The greater or lesser weight of a piano derives from the internal mechanics and material that helps keep the strings in tension, in cast iron or steel.

Moving is one of the nightmares of Vancouver. Undoubtedly it is an unloved moment. Leaving your home can be very stressful and organizing the move can become difficult. Relocation and stress are often synonymous … so how to organize the perfect move? How to deal with a move?

How to organize the perfect move. Things to do in the preliminary phase

Planning your move down to the smallest detail is a very important operation in order not to run into last-minute unforeseen events. Everything must be ready at the time of the move. From the moving boxes to the inventory, to the clothes to wear in the immediately following days. In the initial phase, it is therefore essential to carry out all the practices concerning the pre-move. In particular, it is necessary to eliminate all the objects that will not use later, through the so-called “decluttering” process. At this moment it is possible to select the “useless” objects and give them to relatives, friends, or charity or sell them through online tools. Two other important things to do. Pay all outstanding or pending bills and cancel the house within the deadline.

How to organize the perfect move. The moving boxes and the ideal dimensions

After having completed the so-called bureaucratic procedures, here is the most “hated” moment. The packing operations! Creating moving cartons is certainly a long and tedious operation and for this reason, it must plan in the best possible way. What are the best box sizes? The packaging requires suitable boxes.

The ideal dimensions can be either 40×50 cm or 30×40 cm of two types. Double-wave (more resistant and suitable for heavy objects or single-wave (less resistant and cheaper). Cleaning of useless objects, then analyzing every single room with the moving company.

During the inspection phase, an experienced mover will be able to give you the right advice, especially concerning the most difficult furniture to disassemble and transport.

How to organize the perfect move: packaging

In the packing phase of the moving cartons, it is also very important to use paper for the packaging, which serves to cover the most fragile objects.

These, in particular, must be placed on top to prevent them from breaking. In the cartons, the heavier elements must be placed first, among the lighter ones the plates must be placed vertically. The heavier items should be placed in the smaller boxes. It is important to know that the boxes should not be overfilled and also that they should not be closed if they are not full. To pack the most important and delicate objects such as household appliances and similar. It is better to refer to the mover, who with his experience will be able to avoid damage.

Why contact a specialized piano movers company

After reading our tips, you may be thinking that moving is not that difficult after all? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Moving and stress go hand in hand and it is better to avoid the do-it-yourself move, which brings stress and a lot of energy. So how to organize the perfect move? It is always better to contact a specialized agency, such as ours. Vancouver Storage is the best moving company in Vancouver. How? Our goal is to make your move simple, fast, and stress-free. From the first contact, through the inspection to the moment of the move.

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