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Best places to visit in India

Best places to visit in India – Every College Student must Visit in 2022

College time is the best time of life for every student. It is also the ideal time to build friendships for life, have fun with them, travel with them, and generally create some lovely memories. Since you are no longer a kid studying in school, getting permission to travel with friends from parents is not as challenging. The pressure of coursework completion is also less, so plan to travel with your friends and have a great time. Have a look at some of the best places to visit in India that you can visit with your college mates. 

  1. A Daring Bike Trip to Leh

If you are planning to go on a bike trip, Leh is the best place to visit. If you already have a Royal Enfields bike, nothing like it, but if you don’t have one, rent it! Start preparing for the upcoming trip as it is going to put your endurance skills to the test. It is going to be an amazing experience passing through rocky terrains, picturesque deep blue lakes, snow-capped peaks, flamboyant green mountains, glacial melts, cascading waterfalls, and more. It is undoubtedly the Mecca of all road trips!

  1. Thrilling Trip to Manali

Take a well-earned break from long winding classes, voluminous coursework, and unending college events. Plan a thrilling trip to Manali, one of the most-visited tourist places in India, a place that is ideal to attend a range of adventure-based activities, like paragliding, rappelling, river rafting, and riding on a snow scooter, skiing, and more. Enjoy sightseeing as well and soak in the picturesque sites all around you. It is surely going to be a perfect break from a tedious, energy-sapping college schedule. 

  1. Enjoy the Off-the-hilt beauty of Ladakh

Ladakh is another amazing destination that can be planned for a trip with friends. The scintillating, rugged, and overpowering landscapes of Ladakh, the chilly nip in the air, the icy bowls of deep blue lakes, stark mountain terrains, and more will transport you to a world of unadulterated beauty. Experience the adrenaline rush as you cross the tight bends and carves on the hilly roads. The joy of company will enhance your pleasure and make this trip to one of the most beautiful places in India, truly memorable. 

  1. Lose Yourself in the City of Dreams, Mumbai

If your gang is a die-hard Bollywood fan, head to Mumbai. Check out is major attractions, but most importantly, visit some important studios and see how shooting is done. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to rub shoulders with popular Bollywood artists. See how life moves on in the fast lane. Mumbai is also the financial capital of the country. Seeing the level of competition in every sphere of life will prepare you and your friends for the cut-throat competition waiting for you once you get out of college. 

  1. Camping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a spiritual but also a fun place, especially for youngsters who love engaging in spine-chilling activities like rafting. Words fail to express the thrill experienced when going rafting on roaring and gushing Ganga rapids. There is no dearth of Rishikesh Adventure sports operators who can help you with this activity. Depending on your level of expertise and experience, they will suggest the best tour. After a thrilling day, unwind by camping in tents closer to the banks of River Ganga. 

  1. A Road Trip from Mumbai to Goa

If movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dil Chahta Hai, etc., are very close to your heart, why not experience the same fun and excitement with your buddies? Plan a road trip from Mumbai to Goa and hit the highway. Take the 14-hour coastal road if you wish to enjoy scenic views while traveling. Take frequent stops in cities like Pune, Satara, etc., and recharge your batteries before you hit the road again. The entire route between Mumbai and Goa is picturesque and an experience in itself. 

  1. Go, Go, Go Goa

Live your friendship fantasy with a trip to Goa with your college friends. Relax, unwind, explore, and party till the wee hours and make the most of this fabulous and most famous place in India. Spend day time engaging in multiple water-based activities and be the beach bum you are. If you have never tried activities like snorkelling, parasailing, jet surfing, scuba diving, etc., now is the time to enjoy them with your friends by your side! You can plan a trip to this party destination during the Sunburn Festival and experience nirvana!

  1. Follow the Rules of Jungle in Bandipur Forests

If your entire group is a wildlife fan, plan a trip to Bandipur forests, nestled in the foothills of stunning Nilgiri Hills. These dense forests in Karnataka are home to endangered jungle monkeys, Asiatic wild elephants, wild cats, and more. Plan early and start preparing for an awesome trip with your friends!

  1. Gorge on local delicacies in Jaipur

Besides royal gardens, incredible forts, and stunning palaces, Jaipur is also known for its mouth-watering local delicacies. Plan a trip to Jaipur with your foodie friends and set out on a gastronomical journey. Combine your trip with the talked about Jaipur Literary Fest and have a great time. Sink your teeth into juicy sweets like ghevar, mawe ki kachori, Makhan bada, and savouries like ker sangri, gatte ki sabzi, pyaz ki kachori, etc. 

  1. Go Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer

College time is the best time to try activities that have never even crossed your mind before. Explore the unexplored with dune bashing, a thrilling activity in Jaisalmer. Press the accelerator of your hired SUV and speed drive on never-ending stretches of sand. At night, enjoy camping and a bonfire with folk performances, music, etc., for entertainment. Lie under the cerulean sky full of twinkling stars and feel closeness with the raw beauty of this area.

  1. Swim Around Vibrantly-coloured Coral Reefs in Havelock Island

Take a deep plunge into the warm but refreshing waters of the Bay of Bengal in Havelock Island, Andamans. Pack your summer gear and get ready to hit the beach. Plan scuba diving or snorkelling close to the beach and watch the magical world of colourful coral reefs close to the sea bed. Capture these unforgettable sights into your camera and come back refreshed and relaxed. 

  1. A Trip With Your Besties in Bhangarh

If you love knowing more about the supernatural, now is the chance to rub shoulders with ghosts and spirits. Head to Bhangarh, one of the most haunted places in the country, and explore the ruins. While taking a leisurely stroll through the abandoned Meena bazaar ruins, you will hear the ‘tap-tap’ of footsteps other than you. You will feel as if someone is right behind you. Don’t get spooked, stay alert, and experience the supernatural. Only brave hearts dare to stay back in Bhangarh after sundown. Why? You will find out when you visit this haunted place. 

  1. Skiing in Auli

Auli, a stunning destination in Uttarakhand, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas is the best place to visit if you wish to enjoy skiing. With stunning views of Mana Parbat and tall Oak trees all around you, ski to your heart’s content on steep, snowy slopes in Auli. As goos as Switzerland, this charming place will help you create lovely memories with your friends. 

  1. Explore Lush Green Surroundings in Coorg

Coorg is a truly stunning tourist place in South India in Karnataka. If you are looking for some quiet times with your friends with nothing to do except relax in the lap of nature, Coorg is the place for you. Cool crisp air, undulating verdant landscapes, tall trees, chirping of birds, a sip of locally grown tea, and delectable South Indian cuisines will recharge your batteries and you will come back as good as new. 

Travelling in itself is an enthralling experience, but when you travel with your friends, you will come back a changed person. Friends do that to you, they heal you from within. Spending some fun moments with them will help you create friendships for life. Book tour packages online with a reputed and expert online tour operator and start planning now when you are in college with your friends because Kal ho na ho!

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