Best Puppy guide that makes your dog live longer


There is a first for everything. Parenting is one of them whether it is a human being or animal.  If you’re a first-time pet parent, this information will help you if you are a parent to the first few weeks of the pups.
By following these healthy tips can add years to pet a healthy life.

Drinking plenty of water


As a good pet owner, you should always watch your dog water and food intake. A very healthy pet will drink lots of water every single day so if your pet is not drinking water you should encourage him or her to drink more water. It helps in the digestion of food and helps the body absorb nutrients. Water also serves to cool the body and works to maintain normal body temperature. Water lubricates and dampens joints and facilitates movement.

Quality of  food

Dog food

Serve your dog’s healthy and tasty food. Some owners think dogs cannot taste as they don’t have any taste bud in their tongue. Nothing can be further from the truth. Dogs do have taste buds, only the number of taste buds they have is far less compared to humans, they only have one-sixth of the taste buds humans have.

Talk to a veterinarian to find out what kind of food is good for the dog’s health.Do you know how to come, sit and stay?

Right rules and training

dog training

Do you want your dog on the furniture? Does your dog know how to come, sit, stay? Be consistent. To prevent your dog from getting on furniture, dog training is necessary. Start teaching your dog the shutdown command. Then, he must be taught the order to go to his place. If your dog tries to jump on the bed or sofa, simply say “off” and then “go to his place.” Reward him when he complies.

Regular exercise and walking

Dog walking

Dogs are fiercely loyal and extremely adorable creatures. All they demand is food, shelter and lots of love. With the help of dog walking services, you can learn different ways to keep your pet fit and active, which in turn increases its lifespan. The right exercise and game can help your dog to stay energetic and active. Know the breeds and energy level of your dog and work according to your schedule. Long walks, fast games, etc.

Grooming: Appearance of your dog

dog grooming

Grooming is not just keeping your dog clean, nor is it just about your dog’s appearance. Dog grooming is about maintaining the appearance and physical health of your dog. Your dog will be happy when he is healthy, and grooming is very crucial for the dog’s health.

Appearance is the first and main reason for grooming your dog. Dog grooming will make your dog look good. Well, this may seem like a superficial reason, but there are psychological effects associated with it. If the dog does not look good, people generally hesitate to contact him. From children to the elderly, people will fear touching or to come into contact with him. This can affect the dog and even make him feel unloved.

Take the dog to a vet

We usually visit a veterinarian during vaccination time or when your pet does not feel really well. But with the help of regular checks, you can avoid any unwanted problems, however small it may seem. The way we receive our blood reports once a year to find out if there are any abnormalities, similarly, it is imperative that they also are reviewed. This may include regular grooming schedules, dental checks, etc.


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