Best Reasons You Should Visit Croatia


Have you been planning for a vacation in Croatia? Croatia is one of the best tourist destinations with thousands island. With all the island, the land is rich in culture, traditions and natural beauty. When visiting Croatia be sure to enjoy local delicious food, beautiful national parks, a wide palette of events and many other events. There is always a reason to visit Croatia for everyone. Here are eight reasons why people visit Croatia;

1. Adventure sports

Since Croatia is a construal country, it boosts adventure activities. People visit the land of many islands to participate or enjoy watching different water sports such as sailing, diving or kayaking. People also visit Omis which is referred to as paradise of adventurers seekers. Here there are multiple activates such as zip-lining, hiking, or canyoning on the Cetina River.

2. Great coastal havens.

The land of many islands which translates to multiple coastal lines. The country has multiple beaches that offer a unique experience. Some of the sand beaches include Dharun, Uvala Lapad, Prapratno, Vela Przina, Mlaska, Saldun Bay, Solaris, Ninska Laguna among many others. The best way to access the beaches is through a boat or a yacht.

3. Wonderful Nature

If you want to see the world’s cleanest and wonderful sea, visit Croatia and see the Adriatic Sea. The sea has a unique colour which is often compared to that of the Caribbean. It’s the best place to visit during the summer. Other nature places to visit include Plitvice Lakes, Krka River, Brijuni Archipelago, and the Island of Mljet.

4. Many Historical Sites

Croatia is a home of historical sites. Ramparts of Dubrovnik and Trakoscan castle are some of the places with rich archaeological sites and digs. Croatia reaches in stories that await to be learned. Thousands of people visit Croatia to learn and understand the history and stories of Croatia and the archaeological discoveries.

5. Wine tours

Over the past years, Croatia wine has won a prestigious award. Croatia is becoming popular due to delicious wine production. Wine lovers take a tour to Croatia to enjoy the wine tour. During the wine tour, you will taste the super delicious wine and learn more about how it is made. With more than 130 specious of grapes, be sure to learn something new about wine and grapes.

6. Sailing, Yachting, Boating

For those who enjoy sailing, the coast of Dalmatia is the best spot. The best way to enjoy dramatic cliffs, hidden coves, seaside town and untouched coastline that can be found sailing in Croatia. You have a choice of a sailing boat, yacht or catamaran to explore the waters. You can visit from one island to another and enjoy the view of the blue water.

7. Music festivals

For the festival-goers, Croatia music mecca is the best place to be. Visitors have a chance to enjoy world-class music and traditional music. Some of the many favourite mecca festivals include; Sonus, Outlook, Fresh Island and Ultra Europe festivals. All the events take place in a secluded place or at the beach to give you a chance to dance.

8. Affordability

A major reason why people visit Croatia is affordability. If you compare Croatia with European standards, you will find that Croatia is extremely cheap. With a restricted budget, you can experience fun, explore nature and find luxury hotels for your relaxation.

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