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Best Strategy to crack GATE in Six months

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is one of the toughest entrance exams in the engineering field.

Seven Indian Institute of Technology along with the Indian Institute of Science holds the responsibility of conduction the exam. GATE exam tests the conceptual knowledge of the engineering and science students.

GATE exam score creates several opportunities in the hand of aspirants to persist a career for M. Tech. through renowned institutions of India or can relish the job opportunities in PSU’s.

Most of the students find it more challenging to clear the exam in the first attempt. And this cannot be denied with the rising number of students for aspiring the GATE exam making the competition tougher year by year. Also, the negative marking system in the GATE exam makes it deadlier to the aspirants.

But in this guiding article, we are going to talk about the solution to overcome this myth set up by social misconceptions among the students. Here in this article, we will be focussing on how to build effective strategies to prepare for the GATE exam.

Challenges for GATE aspirants

The students who are still in their final year may face some challenges in the preparation as they need to focus parallelly on semester subjects and projects along with the GATE exam preparation.

SO, it gets difficult to manage time out of this to prepare for GATE Exam. Also, the passed-out students get confused and feel freight to choose the right path for the future. Though the candidates aim to crack the exam but preparation gets complicated with such struggling factors.

Prerequisites for GATE preparation

Before heading towards the actual preparation, there are some initial imperatives which aspirants should be equipped with to grasp the knowledge.

  • Some candidates believe that scoring well in the GATE exam requires a lot of preparation time. But eventually, six months of well-planned preparation can lead you to the toppers list of the GATE candidates.
  • Before heading to actual preparation, it is advised to get each subject and candidates should go through the GATE syllabus carefully.
  • Collect the last 15 previous years’ papers of the GATE exam which would help you out to get to know about the exam pattern and to understand the level of difficulty of the question’s possess in the GATE exam.
  • Pick standard books for each subject as most of the time exam questions are directly asked from standard books.
  • Do an analysis of the previous year’s papers and categorize the subjects according to their weightage from maximum to minimum.

Evolution steps for GATE preparation

As already been mentioned with stringent and disciplined preparation of six months, an aspirant can be able to clear the exam in the first attempt with a good score. The evolutionary process of the exam preparation is a summarized journey of several stages which are discussed as:

  • At the beginning of the preparation, students should focus on covering subjects possessing maximum marks from the exam perspective. Manage the preparation schedule and make sure to complete each topic and each subject according to the time table.
  • After completing each topic aspirants can practice the question based on the same topic this way students can cover all important high marks topics withing two or three months.
  • As the exam possess tricky questions, it is important to clear basics of the topic to attempt those questions. Students can clear basics from the standard textbooks, find shortcuts, or can refer to coaching notes if you have joined any GATE Online Coaching. Referring to these books allows you to acquire shortcuts and tricks that can put you forward in the competition.
  • Do not join any test series in the early phase of the preparation, it may lower your confidence and diverge you from your aim.
  • Having the habit of taking shortly handwritten during the learning can help the student to revise the topics in the last month prior to the exam. Practicing more objective types of questions can boost confidence in attempting the trickiest questions from the syllabus.
  • The last month’s strategy should include the joining of mock test series as this is the right time to do so. Attempting mock test series makes aspirants know about the new factors included in the latest pattern of the GATE exam like a virtual calculator and numerical problems.
  • Analyze the result of each test and focus on the topics in which you are acquiring a low score you feel need to improve.

Acquiring and following such a strategy will mobilize your thoughts of clearing the GATE exam in the very first attempt with a good score and boost your confidence.

There is no rigid strategy that will guarantee you about the 100% success, it will always depend on the uniqueness of your preparation plan. It needs time, dedication, hard work to complete the syllabus. Input best in your abilities and nothing can stop you from achieving what you aspire. Keep in mind that success always approaches slowly but it requires your time, patience, and efforts to achieve the goal.


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