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Best Type Of Paint For Each Part Of Your House

Best Type Of Paint For Each Part Of Your House

Wondering what the best type of paint is for your home project? Whether for the interior or exterior, there really is an ideal product for the job.

Painting your home is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of upgrading its look. While many homeowners see house painting as part of home maintenance, it can be time consuming and hard work. This is why it is easier to Google “painters near me” rather than deal with all the lifting, sanding and backbreaking work.

Fortunately, painting a house is relatively easy especially if you know what to do. One of the best things to ensure that everything goes well is to get to know the different types of paint and where they work best in your home.

Check the best types of paint for each part of your house.

Oil Based Paints – Best Type of Paint for Durability

Oil based paints are some of the most durable kinds of paint in the market today. They are often used by painters and homeowners for surfaces where they want the finish to last long.

Also called solvent-based paints are made from ground pigment mixed in an oil-based medium. Once dried, it forms a tough water-resistant layer which is why it is able to stay beautiful for many years.

This is a good choice of paint for areas with lots of contact. It is also a good choice for molding and trim. Oil-based paint should be your first choice if you want a surface to stay vibrant and resilient even after a long time. It is a good choice for exterior paint

Oil-based paint has a long drying time compared to other types of paint, usually taking around 6-8 hours to dry. It should be safe to recoat in 24 hours. 

Water-Based Paint – Best Type of Paint for Walls

Water-based paint is a good choice for your interior walls. They have less odor, are easy to clean, dry quickly and are also longwearing. 

This type of paint is also a good option if you want to cover a large area quickly. When compared to oil-based paint, water-based paint has a drying time of 30-60 minutes so you can apply a second coat in 2-3 hours.

While not as durable as their oil-based counterparts, water-based paint is easier to clean. It also contains less volatile organic compounds (VOC) or the amount of gas a certain liquid or solid emits. Some VOCs are pollutants and are known to cause cancer. Therefore, water-based paint is also a good choice if you’re looking for an earth and healthy friendly paint alternative. 

Water-based paint is good for interior walls and areas like your bedroom and living room. This is a good choice for high traffic areas since it is easy to clean and maintain. 

Latex-Based Paint – Best Type of Paint for Exterior

Latex-based paint is perhaps the best choice for exterior application. It is easier to apply compared to oil-based paint and dries more quickly too.

Latex paint is a favorite choice for outdoor paint because it is resistant to the effects of direct sunlight. It also expands and contracts with the house’s sidings and does not trap moisture.

There is confusion between latex paint and water-based paint because many people use them interchangeably. This is because there are latex paints that are water-based. However, there are also latex paints that use chemicals, which is the main difference between the two. 

Latex paint can also be used indoors. They are a good choice for interior walls that see a lot of sunlight. They are also a good choice for floors. Just make sure that you are using the water based latex paint for indoors because they carry less odor.

Acrylic latex paint is the highest quality for latex-based paint. It is a perfect choice for most building materials like wood, masonry and metal. Since this type of paint contains chemicals, you need proper ventilation when applying this in interior walls and surfaces. However, it can also be used outdoors for painting exterior wood.


Primer is usually white but can be any neutral color. It can also be either oil or water-based. Water-based primer is a good choice for almost all kinds of paint jobs, but it can only be used with water-based paint. Oil-based primer can work with oil based and water based paint. It works well with stained wood, bleeding wood and metals.

Technically, there is no need to have a colored primer. Hardware stores add a bit of color to the primer so that the shade is near your final color. This makes for better coverage. This is also a good idea when the final color is very light compared to the original color.

Applying primer seems like a waste of time, but this extra-step will give you better results. Primers seal the surface of the wall and add an extra layer of protection. 

Another type of primer you can purchase is a high-hide primer. This is a good choice if you want to paint your dark colored walls with something lighter. This kind of primer will prevent you from painting extra coats in order to hide the old dark color.

Paint Sheen Options 

Paint sheen refers to the glossiness of a paint finish. Generally speaking, the higher the sheen, the more stain resistant and washable. However, a very gloss surface also makes imperfections easier to spot. This is why it is also important to consider paint sheen options when choosing a type of paint.

Here are some of the basic sheen options available.

Flat Paint 

Flat finish gives off an elegant and luxurious finish. It is a good choice for interior walls and surfaces that don’t get touched frequently. It also works well for ceilings. 

Use flat paint to hide imperfections. However, skip this choice for kitchens and your kids bedrooms since it is not easy to clean. You will need to paint over grubby fingertips and grease splatters to clean up this kind of mess.

Matte Paint

Matte is slightly glossier than flat which is why these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, aside from being a bit glossier than flat, it is also more durable.

Since it has more longevity compared to flat paint, you can use matte paint for bedrooms, ceilings, dining rooms and other areas that don’t see a lot of dirt.

Eggshell Paint 

Eggshell paint gives off a low luster making it a good choice for decorative finishes. This is your go-to paint for high traffic areas like the bathroom, kids bedrooms and kitchens.

Because it has more shine to it than the other 2 choices above, be sure to hide imperfections properly before you paint or else they’re going to stand out.

Satin Paint 

Satin is glossier than eggshell. It gives off a smooth velvety finish. This is a good paint choice for windows, doors and trims. You can also use satin paint for areas that see a lot of traffic like kitchens, bathrooms and kids rooms because it is easy to clean. 

The shine can be scrubbed off though, so make sure to clean surfaces gently. 

Semi-gloss Paint 

Semi-gloss paint has a high level of sheen, making it another good choice for high-traffic areas. It is also resistant to moisture, drips and grease so it is a good option for bathrooms and kitchens. You can also use it for doors, baseboards and trim. 

Just like satin paint, it can highlight imperfections on the surface so make sure that you do a good prep job before painting. 

High-gloss Paint

This kind of paint is shiny, scrubbable and stain-resistant. Use it for your wooden surfaces like trim, doors, wood cabinets, bathrooms and kitchen backsplash. 

High gloss paint is very reflective so make sure that surfaces are prepped properly.

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