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Best Villa in Mangalore to Buy

Villa project in Mangalore

Mangalore is a mesmerising city in the southern state of Karnataka. It is a place of great importance and also is a crucial commercial hub of the state. The city has beautiful sites and landscapes that will leave your eyes wide open, it is a very neat and clean place inclusive of a range of serene beaches, seaports and a culture of diversity.

Living in such a dream city will be even more joyous and wonderful in the Marian Villa Projects in Mangalore. Marian has the best luxury villas that will change the way you live and will provide you the elite experience of a royal lifestyle.

With us you will be treated special and above the ordinary, we believe in the satisfaction and sheer happiness of our customers by giving them value for money and the premium quality of service that they are made for. The number of projects we have handled and the support of our happy and satisfied customers are the primary source of motivation for Marian to continue striving hard in order to deliver the best in the most affordable prices.

Why to choose the Marian Way of Living:

If you are at all making plans to buy a villa in Mangalore then you need to know about the Marian villas on sale in Mangalore because they are the best luxury villas at present that will make you feel elite with a rich and lavish lifestyle. Marian has numerous villas for sale in Mangalore which are all crafted by us for the ultimate comfort and the rich experience of the residents of our villas. If you decide to buy a villa in Mangalore constructed by Marian you will not only pay for a brick and mortar home but you will pay for a lot more than that. Some extra facilities that will make you dream of the Marian villa are mentioned below:

  • The world is not a safe place to live in today and the most difficult part is to trust. We at Marian guarantee a safe and secure living by providing 24/7 security at you service. We make sure that you not only buy a home but be comfortable without having to worry.


  • Are you a new parent and your children get easily bored of the four walls? If yes, then this Villa project in Mangalore is the right match for you. We have well-constructed paly area made especially for your children so they can bloom, play and grow with us.


  • Health has become the prime focus of many today and it is a good sign. People are becoming health conscious and we totally appreciate that. Our villas for sale in Mangalore have Jogging tracks for you to make your mornings and evenings healthy and enjoy a better life.


  • The most important feature of our luxury villas in Mangalore is the open natural environment that you will live in. Today, in this world full of pollution and compact space our luxury villas will give you a completely out of the world experience. You will be close to the aesthetics of the beautiful nature.


The beauty of the lakefront:

Close your eyes for a moment and think of the most peaceful experience that you can have. Imagine feeling your best and being in a space that you have always dream of. Now open your eyes and be very confident about turning that surreal imagination into your own reality. With the amazing villa projects in Mangalore you will get to buy the best villas that are available for sale by Marian, the best real estate company.

The Marian Lakefront project has been designed with intent to create a dreamland surrounded in peace and make the residents live a life of luxury and comfort. The property is very spacious and is spread over an area of more than 8 acres. The various amenities that the property has,makes it the most lavish among the real estate providers in Mangalore.

People are ready to pay huge amounts to live a life free of pollution and diseases but at Marian luxury villas you will get this added benefit with the beautiful Baggundilake in the vicinity of the villas.


Your home is your dream and we understand the love, the attachment and the hope with which you begin your search for your beloved abode. The luxury villas in Mangalore by Marian will satisfy all your requirements that you have ever dreamt of and at times more than that. We put our customers in focus and strive hard for excellence. The best thing that you would do in Mangalore would be to buy a Villa by Marian. This will not only provide you a home to live in but will give you access to a plethora of luxurious services at your doorsteps and would give you the constant appreciation by your family for choosing the best option available for them.

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