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Best Water Heater Repair Tips You Should Know About

Most of us enjoy regular hot showers, it becomes necessary to relax in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And what if your water heater suddenly ceases to function? Problems with water heaters are annoying and frequently happen to everyone right. Some issues are very natural and under our control hence we can resolve them by having little awareness and knowledge. I know how hard it is to experience suddenly cold water in place of your desired warm hot shower.


See what complications often take place with water heaters and how we can handle all of them instantly without wasting any time. Further in this article, you will find how easy it is to repair a water heater by yourself. And even this task is easier than you might think just stay tuned with us. I am not saying you will no longer need a technician for such concerns. But we all know some problems are very obvious and with small effort, we can execute.  let’s discuss all the problems in detail and find out their solution. 

Problem 1: No hot water

When the water heater stops supplying hot water then it might happen because the power has been interrupted. First, check if the circuit breaker has tripped that serves the water heater. If it happens, then you need to reset the circuit breaker by turning to the off mode and then turning back to on mode. Sometimes these situations happen when the electrical elements inside the device are not getting hot or both the thermostat stops working. You can solve why finding whether there is a need to replace the heating elements. 

You can avoid too many malfunctions by keeping your water heater in good working order. You can engage a professional to perform simple to difficult hot water tank repair as well as maintenance on your heater.

Problem 2: Inadequate hot water

If your requirement for hot water is not compensating through the water heater then it could be possible that the unit is too small. In case unexpectedly the water heater produces less hot water then there needs to be checked both the upper and lower heating elements. Observe the nature of hot water and how it changes into less hot water. Like if the water heater produces a constant supply of lukewarm water during the shower then it indicates some malfunction in the upper heating element another case if the hot water runs out instantly then it indicates the breakdown of lower heating elements. 

Problem 3:Water temperature too hot

Too much hot water can also become a problem for us and become frustrating. If you are facing the same situation then you can resolve it by resetting the temperature of both thermostats. Make sure that both the thermostat are set at the same temperature and the most recommended temperature is between 115 to 125 degrees. You can easily remove the access panel, insulation and plastic cover but bear all safety measures in mind.  

Problem 4:Leakage of water

When the heating elements get loose and the water tank or water heater corrodes it results in leakage of water. This is a major household problem and never try to underestimate and settle the issue as soon as possible. To settle the problem first inspect every heating element and tighten them all with the help of a spanner. If you examine that such problems occurred due to corrosion of the tank then replace it. Don’t make an effort in repairing the corroded tank, instead replace it timely.

Problem 5: Dirty water 

In case when the dirty water comes out then this is caused due to corrosion in the water tank or the pipes of your home. If the water is rusty then yes, this is because of corrosion of the anode rod or in the tank. It will be more helpful if you examine whether the problem is in the tank or the water source. When you finally inspect that the problem is in the water tank then replacing the anode rod is effective and easy to do. 

Problem 6:Unwanted noise from the tank

Are you frustrated with the regular sound coming out from the water heater? Maybe the sound you are hearing is because of the excessive sediments settling at the bottom of the tank. When the excessive sediments build up at the bottom it causes overheating of water at the bottom of the tank, when the water boils it results in some popping and rumbling noise. The first and basic thing you need to do is drain the water tank. Clean the water tank properly and get rid of the sediments. If this doesn’t work you need to replace the tank. 


 Problem 7: Poor water flow 

This is another common problem experienced usually by many of us.  This issue is caused mostly due to the excessive sediment build-up at the bottom that leads to the slow flow of hot water. Get rid of these sediments by draining and cleaning the water tank properly. 

 Problem 8: No pilot light 

Sometimes the pilot light runs out and the most common reason is a bad thermocouple. Just replacing the thermocouple would give you relief from this problem. Apart from these reasons such accumulation of dirt or an inefficient supply could be responsible but a faulty thermocouple is most likely responsible. 


 Problem 9: Smelly hot water

If you observe some smell that comes out from the water, some rotten eggs may exist in the water tank containing harmful bacteria. In that case, setting the thermostat above 140 degrees will kill the bacteria along with this it is also necessary to clean the tank with chlorine bleach. If the smells come back and you already confirm that the water source is not at all responsible for the bad smell, then yes, the anode rod is likely at the end of life, and there is a great need to replace it. 

Problem 10: Taking a too long time to reheat 

When the supply of hot water through the water heater seems much slower to recover than the usual time then there could be issues with heating elements, thermostat, or because the sediments building up at the bottom of the tank. Try to replace the damaged heating elements that will settle the problem. Also if the demand for hot water in households is more than before then it would be great to invest in larger units. It will save your pocket from regular maintenance costs. 


Final Words 

Always show utmost safety and carefulness while working with appliances like a water heater. Also at the time of purchasing the water heater or any other home appliances, you must visit review comparison sites before making the final decision. It will help to assure you that you are dealing with the right home appliances. Hence you save yourself from various common troubles which customers often see and will be able to enjoy the utmost service of the gadget. However, with full safety measures, these minor problems can be settled easily on your own.

Repairing a water heater is a common problem and yes without any doubt we need to acknowledge these issues and how can we settle them with such little effort. The water heater is one of the most important appliances in the present time for everyone. But with it being more important in our life, it is more important to be aware of common issues and tips to repair them with little effort.


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