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Blocking Unwanted Emails in Roadrunner

Time Warner Cable automatically allocates its customers a Roadrunner email address when they acquire Internet services. Roadrunner is a free of cost email service provider that proffers privacy settings for customers to amend within their email. These settings provide consent to an email user to restrict emails from user-designated email addresses. Blocking the email address averts messages from that meticulous sender from entering your Roadrunner inbox.  Junk mails occupy a lot of space and waste so much of time of users. These junks have numerous of disadvantages. We have mentioned few disadvantages of the junk mails that actually let your inbox filled with the junk mails and might be responsible for missing out some important mails in your inbox.

Disadvantages of Junk Mails:

  • Great likelihood of unresponsive recipients
  • Waste of time for sales staff
  • Occupies lot of space
  • Waste of money for marketing department
  • Damaged company reputation
  • Might lead to missing out important mails
  • Drop in open and click-through rates for marketing campaigns.

Do you also have an email inbox occupied with spam mails? Are you really tired of those scrapping emails that are stored in your email inbox from so long? Would you like to make sure that only the imperative emails hit your inbox? In such case user just need to follow the below mentioned steps and filter your email inbox as per your requirement.

Blocking Junk emails on Roadrunner:

Step 1

  •  Launch the official Time Warner Cable Roadrunner home page at
  •  Click the “Mail” option on the toolbar menu.
  •  Type your email address and password into the designated blank fields.
  •  Select your preferred language.
  •  Click “Log in” to access your email account.

Step 2

  • Click “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to the “Customize Mailbox Options” category.
  • Click “Allow and Block Messages Options.”

Step 3

  • Click the circle next to “Advanced Block Senders” to enable Roadrunner email blocking.
  • Type the email address or domain name from which you do not wish to receive emails.

Step 4

  • Scroll down the page
  • Click the circle next to “Delete Mail from Blocked Senders” under the “Blocked Mail Actions” heading.
  • Click “OK” to finish the process.


The above mentioned procedure will help you in dealing with the unwanted junk filled inbox. Junk filled inbox leads to missing out some important mails because the entire mailbox is filled with the junk mails from here and there. The best solution to deal with this is blocking the unwanted or junk mails and gets a break from those junk mails. Users can also deal with the junk mail issue by just filtering the inbox and that will allow the users to access the inbox easily.

Basically the mail box lets you filter the inbox in four categories i.e. Promotions, Updates, Primary, Social and Forums. The specific mail belonging to each category will automatically save the mail under particular category and lets the user not to miss out any of the important mail.

Roadrunner has been provided with excellent RR Mail Customer Service, which outfits to the requirements of the customer. Roadrunner email account proffers customers numerous advantages. We have a qualified and efficient professional team to deal with any problems with Roadrunner email services. To set up Roadrunner Email, go through Internet Service Provision.

Roadrunner is an ISP that endows with a strong and protected medium for communication. Customers use Roadrunner Email services for both personal and professional. In case any user is facing any issue with Roadrunner email just Call Roadrunner Technical Support Number toll-free.

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