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Bothersome shoulder concerns treated by best orthopedic doctor

The shoulder is a ball and the socket joint shoulder blade forms a socket where a ball of upper arm bone glides smoothly. We can rotate our arms, move them back and forth, lift them, and can carry weights using the shoulder joint. It is highly mobile as compared to other joints in the body thus more susceptible to injuries. Enlisted below are bothersome shoulder concerns that can be treated by the best orthopedic doctor.

Shoulder arthritis

Shoulder arthritis is the inflammation of the shoulder joint which induces pain making the joint stiff and tender to touch. Movements like lifting arms above head level cause pain, joints gradually lose stability, and range of motion is affected. Patients are unable to comb hair and couldn’t reach their hand to the back. Although arthritis couldn’t be cured entirely its symptoms are manageable through proper medication and physical therapies.

Shoulder bursitis

Bursae are small fluid-filled sacs that cushion and prevent friction between soft tissues and bones while moving. Increased and repetitive use of shoulder joints could enhance friction giving way to bursitis, which is inflammation of these small sacs. Shoulder joint becomes painful, stiff, and under worse conditions motion is hindered. It could be treated surgically and non-surgically depending on the condition that prevails. Excessive fluid is removed using a needle to ease motion.


As the shoulder is a ball and socket joint this ensures its extraordinary mobility thus making it more prone to dislocation. When the ball of the upper arm bone is displaced from its position within a socket of the shoulder, it is referred to as shoulder dislocation. Joint become painful to move, lose stability and deformity is visible. Certain dislocations could be severe enough to cause fractures and soft tissue damage.

Frozen shoulder

All the shoulder joint components are embedded within the lining or capsule of connective tissue. In some instances, this lining becomes thick and tighten over the shoulder joint making it stiff, inducing pain, and limiting shoulder movement. The exact cause is unknown but found among the patients having a long period of shoulder immobilization or are diabetic.

Evolution in medical sciences tremendously provides quick and effective ways to cure health issues once deliberated incurable or tough to handle. Especially in the field of orthopedics modern methods changed the scenario, disabled people are hoping to regain lost motion through orthopedic surgery. Moreover, it is easy to access an orthopedic surgeon in Pakistan who observe international standards of surgery.

Bone malunions, misalignment, deformity and severe breakages are not an issue nowadays. A procedure known as osteotomy helps to realign, cut, reshape and remove infected bone through surgery. Sternly damaged bone or joint due to fracture, diseases like arthritis or infection can be repaired efficaciously. Moreover, bone can be cut short or extended to lengthen for a perfect alignment.

Osteotomy gives a helping hand to delay replacement surgeries for longer periods. People don’t have to comprise their quality of life or cease certain beloved activities like sports and other routine chores as osteotomy was found to be a successful procedure in adjourning the advancement of arthritis and relieving pain that hinders joint motion. Whether young or old people of any age can be benefitted from miraculous outcomes of the bone osteotomy. This article elaborates on the types of osteotomy and the way it is conducted by an orthopedic surgeon in Pakistan

Impingement syndrome

Acromion is the top of shoulder bone which when rubbed against the rotator cuff cause irritation to this thick band of muscles responsible for shoulder joint rotation and arm lifting. Repetitive use of the shoulder aggravates this condition while the upward and backward movement of arms and shoulder a joint felt unstable and weak. The pain usually causes sleeping discomfort at night.

Loose or foreign bodies

Severe injuries could break cartilage of the shoulder joint dispersing it into small fragments. These loose bodies may stuck into the synovium membrane around the shoulder. Many of the patients don’t experience any symptoms but in a few cases, pain, instability or locking of joint, and restricted movement is seen. Small fragments can be removed arthroscopically while larger pieces are taken out through open surgery. The best orthopedic surgeon prefers to break down large fragments into smaller pieces so they can be removed through arthroscopy.

Rotator cuff tear

A rotator cuff is a band of thick muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. It imparts stability and guarantees frictionless movement of joints. Growing age, and repetitive use of the shoulder especially overhead activities upsurge chances of getting such tears. Pain and weakness in the shoulder are major symptoms noticed so far. Either the tendon is stitched back or the tendon graft is secured in place for reconstruction through surgery.


A shoulder separation is a condition that arises as the ligaments connecting the collarbone to shoulder acromion is torn. A forceful hit to the shoulder, sports injury, or vehicle accident could bring about such an ailment. Pain, swelling, bruising, tenderness, immobility, and deformity are visible symptoms best orthopedic doctor looks for while physical examination.RICE therapy is the most recommended one for mild issues. Severe concerns are handled surgically among which most surgeries are done arthroscopically. Incurable pain could be relieved through shoulder replacement surgery.

Torn labrum

The labrum is a soft tissue lying in a cup shape form within a socket of the shoulder. It provides a frictionless surface to a ball of the upper arm to move unhindered within the socket. Injuries to the shoulder and repetitive use of joints could give rise to a torn labrum. Patients often complain about having sensations like grinding, popping, locking, and catching. Pain is felt with the weakness and instability in the shoulder like the joint will slip out.


An injury due to a hard-hit or vehicle accident could break the collarbone, shoulder blade, or upper arm bone. Mild fractures can be cured through immobilization while severe ones require surgical mending and later immobilized for a period to heal properly. Damaged tissues are repaired and bone fragments are removed surgically and bone is aligned and fixed in place using surgical hardware. A bone graft may also be used to promote the healing process.

Diagnosis and treatment provided by the doctor

When you will visit an orthopedist he gives a physical examination observes visible symptoms, checks range of motion, and discuss medical history to get an insight into past injuries and health issues if any. To view internal matter he may prescribe a few scanning and laboratory tests to rule out other possible reasons. After successful diagnosis and knowing the severity of the ailment he may recommend the best orthopedic surgeon to consult for further proceedings.

Non-surgical treatment plans include medicines, therapeutic injections for instant relief, and physical therapies after a certain period of immobilization. RICE therapy is the most recommended one for mild issues. Severe concerns are handled surgically among which most surgeries are done arthroscopically. Incurable pain could be relieved through shoulder replacement surgery.


Bothersome shoulder issues can be resolved if you get on-time treatment from the best orthopedic doctor. A doctor needs the cooperation of a patient to ensure a quick recovery. So observe the instructions given by your medical specialist so things get better without developing complications.

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