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Bridal beauty prep 101: So much research, consulting so many people, surfing all over the internet, and finally, the result is a perfect hair and makeup artist.

Wedding is a big day for every bride and to look extremely beautiful on this day is what every bride-to-be craves for, and why not after all she is like the star of the event. Weddings in India are non less than a festival and their preparations begin as soon as the marriage is finalized.

As a bride-to-be, you have a lot to deal with. You leave no stones unturned to look the best of yourself. You put in so much effort to finalize your Indian bridal wear and to find a perfect hair and makeup professional. But this is not it, your task does not end up here, you may still make some minor mistakes that can turn your extremely gorgeous bridal look into an ordinary one. There are some basic to-do things to avoid last-minute chaos. So here are some important bridal beauty prep tips that every bride should know about.


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One of the most important bridal beauty prep tips that every bride must know about. The brides these days go for a lot of skincare treatment with the professionals months before their wedding day. But going with an old saying ‘home care is the best care. Of course, as a bride-to-be would like to go with the professionals even though they do not guarantee any results but to supplement what you are doing with the professionals and to get the best fast track results a natural home-based skincare routine is a must-follow for every bride-to-be.

Just remember this essential bridal beauty prep tip, go on with the home-based skincare to get flawless glowing skin. Just follow some basic skincare routine like:

Don’t sleep with makeup on your face, use some hydrating Or brightening serum, use a weekly facial mask, and go on with exfoliation and other targeted treatments. Just follow some of these at-home skincare routines and you are good to go for your D-Day.


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Some brides-to-be are of the kind who may have never touched makeup to date or some may know very little about it. Even if this is the case, you should learn the basic makeup fundamentals before your big day. Of course, you will hire professional makeup artists for your wedding but there is a possibility that she may also miss out on something in a hurry. For example, she may forget to apply foundation on your neck and back. There you should be good with the fundamentals of makeup to avoid any chaos on your D-Day. This is an important bridal beauty tip that every bride-to-be must follow.


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Another in the list of important bridal beauty prep tips that every bride must know about is getting in touch with your makeup artists. As a bride-to-be you want your wedding day to look the best and you hire the best professional experts for that. But sometimes you lack in time, some brides hire their bridal makeup artists just a few days before the wedding while some may hire them on time but fail to communicate with those professionals. This mistake can lead to much last-minute chaos.

They keep this tip in mind and communicate with your makeup artists at least 2-3 weeks before your D-Day. Discuss with her about your hairstyle, your lipstick, your pre-wedding makeup preps, etc, and leave no grounds for last-minute confusion, so that you are good to go for your wedding day.


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When it comes to your wedding, it is obvious you want to plan everything according to you and make it perfect, especially your wedding day look. You start to choose your makeup pros, designers, and hairstylists days before your wedding. This is, of course, a must-do thing but this is not it, now since you have picked your makeup professionals and hairstylists it is equally important to run the makeup and hair trials with the few different stylish looks you are fawning over.

This is one of the important bridal beauty prep tips that every bride should know about. Taking makeup trials a few days before your wedding gives you multiple options to choose from, helps you finalize your D-Day look, and avoid last-minute glitch. Also while going for your hair and makeup trials it is advised to carry your bridal lehenga and some bridal jewelry, so that you can decide whether it goes well with a tight bun, an updo, plait, or loose curls. The same goes for your makeup, figure out which looks suit you the best,  a bold and Smokey, simple and sweet, rustic, or a glamorous one. This bridal beauty tip allows you to do a little experiment so that you can decide with your complete bridal look which you are out and out to go on your wedding day.


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Another important bridal beauty prep tip that every bride must know about is efficiently planning your hair removal session. Different body parts give different waxing requirements, wherever you need wax to get it done one week before your wedding day, as it allows any redness or rashes to disappear in time. But you should neither get it done too early that it opens the chances of hair growth. Once you are done with the waxing, to speed up the soothing process take the help of Rica Pearl Glowing After Waxing Lotion or Rica After Wax Lotion With Argan Oil post-treatment this will help you get the smooth glowing skin.

Waxing Session: Whatever areas you need to wax, do so one week before the big day to allow any inflammation and redness to subside. To speed up the soothing process, try. Also, get your brows Shaping done by your regular beautician, make sure to avoid any serious changes like going too thin, in case of any extra hair before your D-Day just pluck them away and you are good to go on your special day.


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An important bridal beauty tip to be sure of is selecting all your beauty accessories beforehand. As a bride-to-be you already have a lot on your plate, so to avoid any last-minute chaos it is advised that you must be ready with all your beauty accessories like your to-go lip color Or your hair accessories, or my it is your matching nail paint, you must pick all these beauty essentials at least 2 weeks before your wedding day. Just consult your makeup artist and hairstylist and be ready with your complete makeup kit for your D-Day.


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It takes more than an hour to put it on, but it takes more than a week to put it off. Eating is very important, intake of the right amount of victims and minerals matters a lot. At the end of the day, you reflect on what you eat, when when you are the bride-to-be all the eyes are on you. Therefore it is advised not to dig holes for yourself with your fork and knife.

An essential bridal beauty prep tip that every bride must know about is practicing a healthy lifestyle. So as a bride-to-be you should intake the right amount of nutrients required for your skin and hair. Omega oil is considered a good option that can help you enhance your bridal makeup look. You should start practicing healthy eating habits at least a month before your wedding. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day, never skip your meals, avoid oily, unhealthy, junk food. Practice healthy eating habits and get flawless glowing skin on your D-Day.

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