Bring a Powerful Dell Latitude at your Workplace


While working, you save your data to keep a record and manage it according to your demand. There are several laptops of different brands but the Dell Latitude E6440 is the most powerful and manageable laptop for business and personal usage. The Dell Company has been a leading company till now as it has introduced many devices to fantasize about the customers and users. This is known as the most powerful device in keeping your data safe and secure. A customer prefers to have high security ends for its data and this is what latitude E6440 offers.


It is exclusively designed to bring peace in the work and make the performance fast and reliable. This laptop has an i7-quadcore processor which enables the user to work faster. Moreover, it has a fast booting system with 128-bit graphic processing with SSD and SSHD. With its accessories, it lets you experience the fast working, confidently. It is designed for business work as the business has man-made files, reports, and presentations that need to be saved in one place. The Dell Latitude E6440 works efficiently in keeping all the records and information so it is fit for business purposes. 

For presentation concern, it also gives an option of HD or full-HD at high graphics. In a low-light environment, it also gives an option of a backlit keyboard.

Accessories of 14’ Latitude:

The accessories are essential for any laptop. The Dell Latitude E6440 gives various accessories to protect and stay productive for the user. It includes:

  • A laptop case
  • E-port replicator
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Charger

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Technical specification:

With digitalization, dell has advanced its laptops giving a wide range of specifications in one laptop according to the demand of growing industry to make things move in an easy flow. The price range is high but there are some affordable and refurbished laptops too that give the same work experience. The specifications include:

  • 4TH generation core i7 processor
  • 3 options in OS, professional, ultimate, and premium
  • Memory of 1600Mhz
  • Exclusive and high-quality multimedia, perfect screen resolution, loud and high-quality speakers
  • Battery option of 6-cell to 9-cell
  • 60/90 watt of AC adapter 

Moreover, the hardware come with a limited 3-year warranty 

If you need Grade A refurbished device of the Dell Latitude E6440 laptop, then in the UK some retailers have the same laptop in great quality giving free delivery right at your doorstep. It will not create any kind of problem as this laptop is powerful, manageable, and reliable. The applications run fast and don’t hang at any point. The usage is easy and fast and one enjoys while using it. This offers many features encompassing USB ports, webcam, and a full HD screen of high resolution. While purchasing, you can get pre-installed windows 10/windows 7 in it. 

If this laptop suits your work routine then contact the supplier for more details and order it now.

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