Bs4 Bike Discount: Buy Your Dream Bike at Affordable Price


bs4 bike discount

We are way past the deadline of April 1, 2020, and people are still discussing BS4 bikes. Well, this may be the cause of the pandemic situation, but for now, let’s focus on BS4 bikes. With the emission norms of BS6, bike dealers are looking to sell out the remaining stock of BS4 bikes at exceptional discounts. It is still possible to register your newly owned BS4 bikes with the help of the dealers under the State Transport Authority and Motor Vehicles. The good news is, for buyers, companies are offering huge discounts, thanks to the clearance sale. With a great Bs4 Bike Discount you can avail your dream bike within your budget.

Why should buyers go for a downgraded version?

BS4 and BS6 norms matter especially if you are focused on four-wheelers. In terms of bikes, BS6 can be expensive and after all, bikes run on petrol. People should be concerned only if they are talking about diesel cars. If you are looking for a brand Royal Enfield, this is the right time to make the purchase from dealers who are providing bs4 Bike Discount. Great online platforms are offering top BS4 bikes at affordable prices.

If we consider differentiating BS4 with BS6, the upgraded version is similar to the former only with an addition of catalytic converter and the bent pipe. However, some other changes have been included in the exhaust. Some of the bikes are coming with fuel injection as an alternative to the carburetor.

So, buyers don’t need to worry as the engine isn’t changing due to the upgraded version. Well, certainly, the action of fuel injection will increase smoothness especially if we consider bullet bikes. Keeping the affordability in mind, BS4 bikes are a lot cheaper with almost same functionality as BS6. So, you shouldn’t lose any opportunity of buying a BS4 if it’s available.

A profitable choice for buyers

After the extended deadline from Supreme Court, on BS4 bikes, a number of manufacturers are looking to announce mind-blowing discounts not only on bikes but also on scooters. Therefore, for buyers, this is the time to capitalize on the offers. Manufacturers have increased the rate of discounts ranging from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 12,500.

The discounts vary based on the models of bikes. It is clear that all BS6 bike models will be more expensive than their previous counterparts by at least a quantum of an amount between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 20,000. This is only bike models that are up to the displacement of 500 cc. For instance, if we consider buying Aprilla BS6 scooter, the price range goes up to an average of Rs. 18, 500. However, all models displace between 125 cc to 160 cc. Now, Aprilla SR 160 Carbon is costing you over Rs. 1.07 lakhs. This example is a sure indicator of an increased price gap between BS4 and BS6.

Look for bs4 bike offers from renowned dealerships like Droom that are looking to clear out the old stock of BS4 bikes and cars. There’s nothing wrong with buying something from the clearance sales. Soon after buying If you are interested in such offers, simply get in touch with a bike dealership and consider enquiring about the desired model. The initial booking can be done through online payment and the next process of documentation and delivery is sure to be completed either at your place or at the showroom. Amazing bs4 vehicle deals provide a great advantage to the buyers who are looking for that perfect amount to crack the deal.



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