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Pets are part of the family. Either you understand that or you don’t. There’s no explanation for it, only a feeling that you have or have not experienced. The love we have for our pups, cats and other pets is identical to the love we have for others in our lives. For better or worse, that’s simply how it is.

So whether you’re looking because you intimately understand that feeling and want to Buy A Pet Picture Frame for yourself, or you’re looking for a friend or a loved one for the same reason, you’ll find plenty of charming pet picture frames waiting for you at J Devlin Glass Art that will do justice and honor to furry family members.

J Devlin Glass Art’s Pic 319 EP592 Series Dog Love Frame is a great place to start when you’ve gone to buy a pet picture frame. This is a beautiful and poetic way to pay homage to a special dog or dogs in a family’s love. Simple, clear glass frames the picture, and bears the words “No Love Like Dog Love.” Simpler, truer words may not have yet been expressed. It just happens to be the case. If you’ve ever had a dog you’ll know exactly what we mean.

For those of you who have found your best friends, your furry children, at a shelter, J Devlin Glass Art offers wonderful pet picture frames to celebrate them as well. Consider their Pic 319 EP594 Series Rescued Dog Frame. It offers the same styling as the previous model and completed with the name of your pet flanked by two paw prints. The text at the top reads “The best things in life are rescued.” We said that truer words were never spoken of the above piece, but perhaps there’s room for more than one truth in all of this. It would make an excellent frame to celebrate a rescued member of the family.

Another excellent option is J Devlin’s Pic 319 EP595 Series Rescued Dog Frame. It is also in the same style as the former entries but bears the writing “Who Rescued Who?” a common phrase among parents of rescued pets. It, like the previous models, touches a deep place in the heart, through its simplicity and accuracy. Sometimes it can be amazing to wonder about the topic. After all, who really did the rescuing?

But dogs aren’t the only furry family members that some of us own. As anyone who’s ever had a cat can say, they’re members of the family too. We won’t dive into the rabbit hole of cats versus dogs here, but we will present you with some wonderful options in pet picture frames for cat parents.

Take a look at J Devlin Glass Art’s Pic 319 EP 598 Series Cat Frame. With clear glass and the lead-free metal scrollwork for which J Devlin Glass Art is well known, this is a simple and powerful frame for showcasing your appreciation for your cat. The inscription across the top reads “Just Purr-fect!” which is, after all, just perfect for a cat picture frame.

You can find these and many other wonderful options in pet picture frames right on J Devlin Glass Art’s website, If you’re looking to buy a pet picture frame, you’ll find many classic, beautiful pieces waiting for you there on their site. Every piece of glass art you’ll find there is carefully designed and handcrafted. In addition, they are carefully waxed to preserve their luster and even more carefully packaged before shipping – which, by the way, is free on all orders. So if you’re looking for something truly timeless to celebrate your beloved pet, take a look at what’s in store at

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