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Dress Code For A Denim Pencil Skirt

Having a sizable selection of denim western dress skirts was essential for me when I was in college. You are aware of the kind I am referring to. You bought them from either Abercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle Outfitters. They were cut off, extremely low rise, distressed all over, and of course, very, very short. Typically, they were worn with a sorority philanthropy T-shirt or an A&F moose-logo polo, and Rainbow flip flops. What a moment it is to be alive and attending college in Florida!

Denim western dress skirts undoubtedly became popular in the 1980s, were revived in the 2000s, and are currently making another journey around the fashion sun. I’m here for it, y’all! When putting up simple outfits, denim skirts are merely a fun alternative to your everyday pair of jeans. While there are now many different lengths, cuts, and designs available for denim skirts, I must admit that the pencil style looks the best on my diminutive frame. I wanted to compile a list of outfit suggestions for wearing a denim pencil skirt today.

How do I proceed now that I’m well into my mid-30s and have been out of college for a while?

A fantastic blazer is the best thing ever. You all are aware of my fondness for this one. I often wear it! Additionally, this boyfriend blazer is the ideal third item when worn with a denim western dress pencil skirt, even though it looks amazing with dresses and jeans as well. It brought the whole ensemble together, softened the light blue jean skirt’s 80s edge, and gave the whole thing a more sophisticated appearance.

With this outfit, I was originally wearing white sneakers, but something felt…off. I chose my favourite Marc Fisher shoes because I wanted my denim western dress pencil skirt ensemble to have a more businesslike vibe rather than a more casual one. In fact, if you don’t already have a pair of Marc Fisher boots, now is the time to treat yourself. I frequently wear these ankle boots because they are the only OTK boots that look good on my short, delicate legs. They are outstanding!

Of course, my personal style for wearing a jean skirt is what works. However, there are countless ways to style your denim skirt. Just have a look at a couple of my favourite street-style skirt outfits and influencers for more ideas. You have the freedom to choose whether to pair your denim pencil skirt with a conventional button-down, a striking printed top, or a boho white shirt. Which style or styles do you prefer? Are you motivated to wear jeans skirts again this season? Tell me in the comments section below.

Dress up your child with this denim skirt that has an elasticized waistline and star designs. Additionally, the usage of fine fabric will offer all-day comfort.

You crushed hearts in this denim western dress skirt somewhere between the 1990s and the 2000s. You wore it to parties like a Justin & Britney Denim Love Homage, to college like Twin Peaks, to high school like Beverly Hills 90210. Your close pal was that mini-skirt made of denim. the essential of an extremely worn-out, slightly gaudy wardrobe. You enjoyed wearing it and wore it every day. When you were a child, you probably vowed never to wear it again.

Big error. Never say never in life or in fashion. Who is shopping for a jean skirt more than ten years from now? On Instagram, who is sporting a flirtatious top and a tiny, skimpy denim skirt? A-ha.

Ladies, the denim skirt is back and more fashionable in 2017.

there is really no reason to be alarmed. We won’t all look like older versions of ourselves from back in the day; instead, we’ll all appear mature and older-in-a-good-way. You’ll wonder what the hell was wrong with us for wearing that denim skirt in such a tacky and cheap way all those years ago.

The modern denim skirt is so expertly nipped and tucked that it may be worn by women of various ages and fashion tastes. Beginning with last year, the majority of designs began to experiment with denim and the skirt. As a result, by 2017, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, Miu Miu, Lutz Huelle, Oscar de la Renta, Yeezy, and Dolce & Gabbana all had great denim skirt pieces. Almost all designers embraced denim and gave us collections that were either bursting with it or just a little bit of it.

The fashion industry must have realised that we’re not our parents and that even in our 30s and 40s, we still like to experiment with our appearance.

Look to celebrity fashion for tips on how to more easily adopt this new method of wearing the denim skirt. Alexa Chung, the Hadid sisters, Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez, and Kendall Jenner.

You’re not getting any younger, let’s face it. Apparently, the denim skirt is ageing, becoming more refined, and wrinkly just like you. at least the final portion. The 2017 denim skirt fits more loosely and casually, much like a vintage Levi’s. When you tuck your top into it, it gives off a more mature vibe and doesn’t sit too low on the hips.

The options are endless: small, pencil cut, with front buttons, somewhat torn, with pockets, high waist, long. Although, in all honesty, the smaller version of the denim skirt really deserves the credit for its resurgence.

I love wearing denim skirts. In the summer, I pretty much live in them, wearing a lightweight t-shirt and my go-to Converse sneakers.

My denim skirts, however, have become a bit, shall we say, dull lately. They required some flair. It’s way too cold to wear them right now, so it’s the ideal opportunity to dress them up a bit.

I started looking online for original ways to spruce up my denim skirts and was blown away by the variety of inventive designs available.

That… is the sun? I’m so glad that the weather has finally turned bright and (somewhat) warm because today I wanted to show you 6 various ways to wear this denim skirt that I purchased from boohoo since I think it’s a must-have for any spring/summer wardrobe, regardless of your gyaru style!

Disclaimer: Since the items I wear aren’t always brand-new, I’ve chosen not to include links to the stores where I bought them because they’ll soon be out of business. Consider these pictures more as a visual guide on how to put together clothes.

hibiscus blossoms in the summer? Groundbreaking. Okay, but picture this outfit with a tan—that’ll be the perfect gyaru style for summer! Any type of summery print combined with denim will look great. Really looking forward to donning something like this, and hoping for a scorching British summer.

For a nice and cosy outfit that’s ideal for those chilly spring and summer days, pair an oversized sweatshirt with a denim skirt. Even though it’s not “typically gyaru,” I think this outfit is one of the cutest from the collection, and I’ve been wearing the hoodie a lot lately, so I had to include it in this article.

A denim skirt may be dressed up by wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse, and the leopard pattern gives the look a gyaru vibe. With some eye-catching accessories, you may dress it up even more!

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