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Buyer’s Guide to find best electric shavers for women

How to choose best electric shavers for women

Women can remove unwanted body hair through waxing, shaving, and other depilatory methods. Among them all, waxing is one of the most popular choices as it is painless and easy. There was a time when the only way to shave body hair was to use a manual razor blade and some shaving cream or soap. But today you can do this effortlessly and quickly with the help of electric razors. Choosing the best electric shavers for women is easy today as there are plenty of choices available from top brands in personal care.

Top brands like Philips, Wahl, Panasonic, Remington have some top performing razors. Through this article, we will help you figure out how to choose the best electric shaver for yourself and not get lost in plethora of options available online.

Why do women need electric shavers?

Let’s start by understanding why would one need electric shaver and ditch waxing/manual razors that theu have been using for a long time.

Manual razors might appear cheap at the first glance. But an electric shaver is like an investment you make in your personal care. This would prevent painful cuts that are often the result of using razors. When you shave your legs and arms frequently, there are two main problems you might face – 

  • Varying contours like knees and elbows might be difficult to tackle with a manual razor. 
  • In areas with limited visibility like the back of your arms or in the areas where maneuverability is a hurdle like the back of your thighs and calf, you should be extra careful with a manual razor. 

These are two areas where you might find electric razors to be significantly more convenient to use than manual razors. Another major benefit is that shaving with a manual razor might take a lot of time but you can easily get the job done in a much shorter duration with the help of electric razors for women. So cut down on your effort and get smoother results by opting for electric razors.

But to be able to reap all the benefits of women’s electric razors, you should consider the following features. 

Things to consider while choosing the best electric shavers for women 

Below we discuss top 7 factors that influence how to choose electric shaver. There are many brands available in personal grooming niche and can often make it difficult for us to pick the best one.

1. Foil shavers and rotary shavers – the differences and their benefits 

In the women’s electric shavers range you will find a good assortment of foil shavers and rotary shavers as well. The former works well with fine hair strands. You might also notice that these tend to give a slightly closer shave than most rotary shavers. 

But if you have coarse hair growth in most parts of your body or if the hair is slightly curly, you might find rotary shavers to be more efficient. Also, consider the number of cutting elements. Two foils with a trimmer element would make a great combination and this is something you will find in most electric shavers for women. 

Besides these common shaver types, you might find some electric shavers that also come with an epilator attachment. Epilator pulls the hair at the base and results in prolonged hair removal results. But this method is slightly more painful than normal shaving. 

2. Wet-shave design 

Wet electric shavers for women are slightly more expensive but they are more durable and skin-friendly. Today there are shaving creams designed for women to use along with electric shavers. These mildly lathering formulas can hydrate the skin, soften the hair and make hair removal much more convenient. Women with sensitive skin might find the use of shaving creams to help with skin irritation. Make sure that the electric shaver blades are made of corrosion-free materials like stainless steel. This will prevent rusting from use in the shower. 

3. Attachments – functionality 

The accessories in the box determine the functionality of the shaver. Electric shavers for women are often designed as all-in-one tools that can be used to shave body hair on arms, legs, and underarms. Some also come with a trimmer comb for bikini area trimming. Depending on the areas of your body you usually shave you can pick the right kind of electric shaver with suitable attachments. This helps in meeting the functional requirements that you expect from your grooming tool. 

4. Cordless convenience 

For overall body shaving, women might find cordless shavers to be better choices. The presence of a cord might hinder the free movement of the tool. Also, cordless shavers with a water-resistant build might be the best choices for use in the shower. With such a tool you would quickly be able to finish shaving off unwanted hair in the morning when you shower. 

5. Maintenance 

Cleaning the electric shaver should be as easy as using the various features of the tool. Dirty blades can attract germs and this leads to acne and other skin problems. Pick a shaver that rinses clean under running water. You can also use warm water if required, especially after you have used shaving cream. This is one of the very important factor when it comes to deciding which razor to pick. It should be easy to clean and maintain your razor so that it lasts longer.

6. Design 

Some of the electric shavers for women are designed with ergonomic curvy handles. With this, you can easily hold the shaver even when your hands are wet. There should also be a non-slip grip for shavers that are used for wet shaving. Swapping out the shaver attachments is another design feature to consider. Easy installation of accessories is an added advantage that makes the shaver very practical to use. 

7. Ease of use 

If you have got used to shaving with an electric razor you might initially find electric shaves to be slightly bulkier. But there are many petite electric shavers for women that are designed to be light in weight. Slim profile and lightweight design make them closely similar to manual razors and therefore easier to handle. 

If you are not comfortable with using a bulky shaver with a powerful motor you can start with something small with basic features and then progress to a more advanced shaver with high-end features. The electric shavers segment for women is expanding rapidly and there are some great options loaded with body grooming features that women can use. 

Keeping above points in mind, go shop for your next favorite electric shaver.

Few Last Words from us

Women’s electric shavers are designed to be tough on the body hair while keeping the skin-sensitivities in focus. These are designed with efficient motors that cut through swiftly and ensure that you can shave without repeated strokes. Ensure that you keep your electric shaver clean and dry after every use. Proper blade maintenance and use of the right shaving techniques help in extending the life of the electric shaver.

Which brand is your favorite brand when it comes to electric shaver? Do you want us to review any particular model? Let us know in comments below and we will be happy to oblige!

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