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Buying a house in Dubai: The Proper Guide

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and is located south-east of the Persian Gulf and is a reality that has developed rapidly in the last twenty years, becoming today one of the most powerful cities in the world.

In fact, more and more entrepreneurs, managers, executives, and wealthy personalities from all over the world choose Dubai as a holiday destination or business location, consequently, these people are willing to pay exorbitant amounts to be able to stay in luxury and enjoy the beauties of this enchanting and fascinating city of the Middle East.

If you want to make a real estate in Dubai investment that can be profitable or you want to change your life and move to a city rich from an economic and cultural point of view, but you have not yet decided which is the right place, Dubai is the ideal city. Read this article to find out why.

The Benefits Of Relocating Or Investing In Dubai:

The Arab Emirates are a constantly expanding reality, protagonists of an unstoppable and unprecedented economic progress, such as to make this small country, unknown until a few decades ago, a world economic power.

The advantages of living in Dubai or investing in the real estate market are many;

Dubai is a city with a very low crime rate, where you can live your life in complete safety. Especially if you are planning to start a family or want to move with your children, this is the safest city in the world.
In addition, the immense shopping centers, the kilometer-long white and pristine beaches, high fashion shops, and luxury restaurants allow you to lead a comfortable life full of fun, adventure, and relaxation.
Dubai is in constant motion, night and day, and continually offers useful stimuli to live your life to the full.

If you are planning to start or relocate your business, Dubai is the place to do it. With a thriving economy in continuous expansion and its strategic position as a link between East and West, Dubai is the only place abroad that can guarantee secure economic profits.
Dubai is a multicultural reality where it has been possible to achieve a perfect union between East and West and where every culture manages to integrate without suffering any form of discrimination.

What Are The Best Areas To Make A Real Estate Investment In Dubai?

The first element to consider before buying properties in Dubai is the area that has a decisive impact on the initial purchase price and, subsequently, on the sale or rental price.

The relationship between neighborhood and price is proportional: the better the area you want to invest in, the higher the purchase price.

In general, Dubai is a very safe and quiet city, so there are no particularly bad neighborhoods. However, some more popular areas can represent a significant earning opportunity.

One-at-Palm-Jumeirah-Elicyon-Living-Room-Glass-Corner-Day by copperstones properties

Dubai Marina:

Until a few years ago it was an expanse of sand, but today Dubai Marina has become the center of the economy of the United Arab Emirates. This district is part of the “New Dubai” and is home to shopping malls that rise to the sky, the world’s most important financial offices, and endless skyscrapers. We consider Dubai Marina the most exclusive area of ​​the city where it is worth buying a house. The Jumeirah Beach Residence, for an instance, was completed a few years ago, and it is a massive construction complex that comprises both tourist and residential houses. If you want to buy a house in Dubai, this is one of the most popular places.

Dubai & Design District:

As the name suggests, this neighborhood is populated by high fashion shops, huge shopping boulevards, hotels, villas, and luxury homes. Investing in this area allows you to be at the center of Dubai’s worldly life, experiencing it at 360 °.

Business Bay:

Close to the world-famous tourist attraction Burj Khalifa, Business Bay is the business district, where there are prestigious design offices and major banks.

Dubai Residential:

It is the ideal neighborhood to buy a property if you want to get away from the chaos of the city and to live in a quieter and less concrete neighborhood. Dubai Residential is in fact a neighborhood surrounded by greenery, where immense golf courses and parks have been built. In this area, there are no skyscrapers but luxurious and spacious villas equipped with all comforts.

What Kind Of Real Estate To Buy?

After deciso what is the best area in Dubai to invest or live in, the time has come to understand which type of property to buy, according to your needs.

To buy a property, you can view the many online ads to get a general understanding of market prices and the types of properties for sale.

Full and unlimited properties
It is generally the most sought-after investment because the buyer becomes the full owner of it and has the opportunity to resell, rent or inherit the property. If you want to invest in this type of property, it is advisable to buy lots and land, and then entrust the construction work to specialized companies who will carry out customized projects. You will thus be able to have a home that exactly reflects your style and your needs.

Leasehold property

Property in usufruct
With this type of contract, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a property that remains the property of another person. It is possible to live the property for the long term with contracts lasting from 10 to 100 years, but it is not possible to sell, destroy or inherit the property. The right of usufruct expires on the expiry of the term established between the parties or on the death of the usufructuary.

Timeshare Agreement:

Finally, there is the possibility of stipulating a timeshare contract, a cheaper solution than the previous ones, but which includes many more constraints. First of all, when signing the contract, it is necessary to indicate the periods of the year in which you prefer to use the property. The fee varies depending on the time period, and the property will be occupied by other co-owners for the balance of the year.

What Are The Legal Requirements For Making Real Estate Investments In Dubai?
Buying a house in Dubai is much easier than you think, in fact, this country has a very lean and fast bureaucracy that allows you to conclude complex commercial agreements in a short time.

To buy property in Dubai there are essentially two procedures to follow depending on the type of property.

If the house you are interested in buying has already been built, you must verify that the owner is registered with the DLD, Dubai Land Department, which is equivalent to our Land Registry.

This procedure is essential to avoid being victims of scams and deceptions which unfortunately are always around the corner.

If, on the other hand, the house has not yet been built, before making any type of payment, make sure that the construction project is registered with the Real Estate Regulator Authority (RERA).

In this instance, it will be necessary to proceed by making cash payments to a fixed account that was created expressly for that real estate investment, dependent on the progress of the construction work.

How much does it cost to buy a house in Dubai?

Of course, it is not possible to establish a precise price range, because the cost of investments varies according to the area you choose, the type of property and its size, whether it is a new property or a re-sale, such as are the nearby services, such as how far the Metro stop is.

From our research, however, we can help you, indicating what are the indicative prices of the properties for sale.

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