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Buying An Apartment In Turkey nov


Buying An Apartment In Turkey

If you want to buy apartments in Turkey, you should contact a reliable developer who has been working on the market for a long time. Stay Property is ready to offer economy and premium class apartments in several tourist cities of the country. The company’s specialists are ready to help in obtaining a mortgage in a Turkish bank if you do not have enough money to buy real estate.

6 Reasons To Invest In Turkish Apartments

Buying an apartment in Turkey has several advantages:

  1. A golden visa is issued when buying a property for 400,000 euros. It is allowed to purchase several objects to get a golden visa. Turkey has very low requirements for candidates to obtain a golden visa.
  2. The cost of real estate increases by 50%-100% per year. There is no such investment income in any European country, so foreign investors are really interested in buying real estate in Turkey to make money.
  3. It is easy to rent an apartment or a villa. While buying housing in tourist cities, the probability of renting out housing is higher. That is so because not all tourists want to stay in hotels.
  4. The low cost of real estate, when compared with European countries. If you buy a house under construction, the developer can offer installments. Moreover, the price will be lower about 10%-40%.
  5. The modern property follows national construction standards and often includes a swimming pool, gym, and other features for owners.
  6. Comfortable climate in Turkey. It’s nice to relax here. If you have your own apartment or villa, you will not have to live in a hotel.

As a result, foreign investors purchase real estate in Turkey. While looking for the object, it is nice to work with a developer directly. Such companies have fewer variants for sale but the price will be better. Stay Property Company is a reliable developer in Turkey and it works in many tourist cities.

Best Apartments To Buy In Turkey

If you are interested in Turkish apartments, it is necessary to know what is better to purchase.

  • 1+0 is the smallest apartment. It is suitable for 1 person only.
  • 1+1 is the most popular variant. Here you will find 1 bedroom. There are many 1+1 apartments on the market at any price. People are really interested in renting it.
  • 2+1 is a flat with 2 bedrooms. It is better to buy if you have children.
  • 3+1 is a rather expensive flat. It is good for families with 2-3 children. It will be more difficult to rent it and to resell it in the future.
  • 3+2 is a flat with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. You can find it in modern living complexes.

According to the practice, foreign investors prefer to purchase 1+1 and 2+1 apartments. They are not very expensive and it is easy to find the object of the economy and premium class.

Stay Property specialists are ready to help you to make you a property owner in Turkey. They can also offer you additional services if you are not going to live in the country but you want to earn money with your flat.

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