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Buying Guide of Wholesale Baby Shoes


The breath of summer covers the entire sky, and the temperature gradually heats up. It’s time to buy seasonal clothes and shoes for the baby again. It is worth noting that when buying wholesale baby shoes, choose suitable shoes according to the characteristics of the baby’s foot development. As the saying goes: “Shoes are suitable, only the feet know”, but the baby still doesn’t know how to express, and parents can’t replace the baby to feel whether the shoes are suitable. I am really worried about how to choose shoes suitable for babies! Let’s share with you some guides to buying shoes here, you can collect them if you need them.

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There are differences in choosing shoes for people of different ages:

From the moment of birth, to crawling and exploring the world, to standing and walking alone, the baby’s entire body is in a state of development. For children in the developmental stage, their feet grow very fast. Parents do not need to buy too expensive shoes or too fashionable. You should focus on comfort, and choose shoes based on the developmental characteristics of the feet of children of different ages, and replace them in time.

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  1. 7-15 months: crawling period to early toddler

    The baby is crawling and trying to get up and walk. Crawling babies do not need to wear shoes. As long as it is not too cold, the baby can learn to walk barefoot indoors and let the feet directly touch the ground, which is conducive to perceiving different materials, increasing the feeling of plantar grip, and cultivating the baby’s balance and coordination ability. After you go outdoors, in order to protect your feet, please wear thin and soft baby shoes to keep your feet away from the ground enough.

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    After 6 months, choose soft-soled shoes. The thickness of the sole + insole does not exceed 5 mm, and some anti-skid lines are required to firmly touch the ground.
    Style: It should be loose, easy to wick away perspiration and breathable; the toe part should not be too narrow, which will affect the normal development of the foot.

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    • Material:

      Choose natural materials with good softness, which can give the baby a feeling of being close to touch and calm the mood. For example, cotton, linen fabric, fetal cow leather, calf leather, etc.

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    • Color:

      Avoid choosing too bright colors. After all, the baby’s retina is more adaptable to low light. Light colors can reduce stimulation and stabilize the baby’s mood, and it is also easy to clean.

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    • Design:

      Choose patterns such as small animals and simple graphics. It not only has the pleasure of touch and enlightenment, but also increases beauty. But at the same time, pay attention to potential physical damage (the rope is too long, the risk of small accessories falling off, etc.).


  2. 16-36 months: toddler period

    Babies at this stage have learned to walk and gradually mastered the knack of walking. The more they walk, the smoother and more they walk, but they have not yet formed a correct gait. Therefore, during this period, it is necessary to prepare a pair of baby walking shoes with the flexible forefoot to help the baby form a correct gait and walk more securely.


    Correspondingly, because the baby walks for a long time, the feet are prone to fatigue. Therefore, a harder heel cup and a gentle arch-supporting pad are needed to strengthen stability, enhance supporting capacity, and help the healthy growth of the arch.

  3. 2-4 years old: steady period

    Babies in the stable phase can already walk steadily and start to have a lot of desire to explore things around them. Correspondingly, the baby’s walking time increases, and the feet will bear weight pressure for a long time. And at this stage, the baby’s feet have thick fat covering the arch of the foot, presenting the phenomenon of “false flat feet”, and accordingly there are obvious hindfoot valgus and X-shaped legs, but these are all normal phenomena.


It is precise because of this feature that parents can choose stable shoes with a harder body for their children, but also need a harder heel cup to control the valgus of the hindfoot, as well as gentle arch support to support the arch of the foot.
For babies, it is also important to ensure that the shoes are the right size.

  1. Try it to see the size

    Baby shoes also need to be tried on. If the shoes are too small, they will restrain the baby’s feet and affect the baby’s development. If the shoes are too big, the baby can easily trip over! It is also difficult for babies to learn to walk, so be sure to choose the right shoes. The baby’s toes should be close to the front of the shoe, but not too crowded.


    When the baby stands up, there should be a small space between the heel and the heel, and there should be a thumb width between the big toe and the front of the shoe. It is recommended that when buying shoes, you must first measure the size of your baby’s feet, and then choose the right shoes according to your own size.

  2. Do a squeeze test

    If the material of the shoes is soft fabric, you can let your baby try on the shoes first, and then pinch some fabric with your fingers. If you can’t pinch a little fabric, it means that the shoes are too tight and the shoes should have a little room for swing, But not too big.


  3. Watch for signs of discomfort

    Pay attention to the baby’s performance after wearing shoes, check whether the baby can walk normally and whether it hinders the baby’s movement. Check again Will my baby’s feet turn red when I take off my shoes? If so, please change to a pair of shoes, which are not suitable for babies.


  4. Frequently check whether the shoes fit

    The baby’s feet grow very fast, so check your baby’s shoes frequently to make sure that your baby’s toes will not be squeezed. And that there must be enough space for the baby’s small feet to grow.

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It is recommended that you take your baby to try on shoes. After you have tried them, you will know whether they are really suitable. When your baby is learning to walk, be sure to set up protective measures around to prevent the baby from being hurt by falling.

It is recommended to remember the following five purchase steps so that you can buy suitable baby shoes:

  • Fold the shoes once

    Fold the sole in half. If the bend is not in the 1/3 of the front of the sole, it means that the shoe is unqualified.

  • Second squeeze the shoes

    Pinch the heel and front of the shoe with both hands. If there is no hardness, the shoe fails. Heel stiffness prevents babies from tilting due to the strength of the ankle joint and avoids forming X-shaped legs or O-shaped legs.

  • Twist the shoes three times

    Twist the shoes with both hands. If the shoes are too easily deformed, the shoes are not qualified.

  • Four-click shoes

    Reach your hand to the front foot of the shoe and press it once. If it is found to be too soft, the shoe is disqualified. Shoes that are too soft are not conducive to training the baby’s forefoot and toe gripping ability, thereby affecting the normal development of the arch, plantar nerve and cranial nerve.

  • Five smells

    Smell the shoes for any obvious pungent odor. If it exists, it means it is unqualified, so don’t select it.

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Well, how to choose a good pair of wholesale baby shoes for your baby, we will share here. Know how to buy baby shoes, are you still thinking about where to buy suitable shoes?

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