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Can I buy an electric car

Can I buy an electric car?
The electric cars are already a reality. Only in the last month of January 2020, for example, 1.8% of the total cars sold in the month were zero-emission vehicles . If we continue with this market share, we would be talking about the fact that this year around 20,000 electric cars could be sold in UAE, almost double than in 2019.

For this reason, if you have doubts about whether or not it is time to switch to an electric car from Farago Motors, we want to clarify the main doubts that may arise in this regard. And for this we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars . Such a significant change in mobility raises many doubts and uncertainties, so today we will analyze what the current situation of the electric vehicle is and if there are more ‘pros’ or ‘cons’.

We take into account such obvious factors as price or load points, but we also delve into dynamic qualities, mechanical elements and even psychological factors. So here you have a list of the current advantages and disadvantages of the electric car.

Let’s start with the most positive and see what advantages an electric vehicle gives us today, we already anticipate that there are quite a few. Some seem obvious, however, others you probably didn’t know about.

Environmental benefits
First of all we have to talk about the environmental benefits of driving an electric car. Although current European Union regulations are strict and aim for new vehicles to emit less than 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer in 2020 as an average of European manufacturers, electric vehicles go one step further.

Literally the emissions of an electric vehicle disappear completely while driving, since there is no type of combustion, neither are gases emitted. This means that an electric car generates ‘zero’ emissions in motion. Another issue is the emissions produced by its manufacture, transport or the production of electricity, but what is the car itself, in marha, does not emit pollutants. This also allows the car to obtain the ZERO label from the DGT, which leads us directly to the next advantage.

Economic advantages of electric cars
Fiscally, electric cars are also very interesting, since they have a different tax treatment than combustion cars . First of all they are completely exempt from paying the registration tax . It is true that the registration tax (collected by the autonomous communities) is a tax rate from which many cars that are below 120 grams are exempt. But there are many others (gasoline SUV, for example) that do pay. Therefore, with the electric car you can say goodbye to the registration tax of the autonomous communities.

To this must be added that the road tax can also be reduced , which is known as the ‘number’ and depends on the City Council of our city.

And it must also be added that, within cities, we will benefit from the electric nature of our vehicle, since the CERO badge allows access to low-emission areas such as those that already exist in Madrid or Barcelona .

Another reason for buying is that in regulated parking areas, that is to say with a parking meter, we can see how rates drop drastically until they even disappear in many Spanish municipalities, such as Madrid, for example.

Also, electric cars are simpler than combustion cars as far as mechanics are concerned. In general, there are fewer elements in the equation, which also affects the shop bill. Routine maintenance of electric cars does not involve changing fluids, and there are no wear elements, even brakes extend their useful life in electric models.

The last positive economic aspect that we highlight is the lower price of electricity compared to conventional fuel . If we assume that the average cost of kWh in UAE is about 14 cents, we can calculate the average cost of traveling 100 kilometers with an electric car.

For example, a small Seat Mii electric has an average consumption of 12 kWh per 100 kilometers traveled, the approximate cost is 1.7 euros. On the other hand, a larger Audi e-tron has an average cost of 30 kWh per 100 kilometers, which implies a result of 4.2 euros.

We have to qualify these results, since they can vary significantly depending on the charging point. Domestic rates are the ones that can provide a more attractive price, while if we use a fast charging point the price can increase significantly.

Driving advantages
Although some purists and car lovers oppose electric vehicles on the grounds of feelings or philosophy, the truth is that this type of car provides a series of objective advantages when it comes to getting behind the wheel.

The first thing is the silence in operation, compared to a combustion engine, the electrical mechanics hardly emit any noise when operating, which allows the noise level in the passenger compartment and outside to be radically reduced.

This can directly influence the mood of the driver, who being in a quieter vehicle also practices a more leisurely driving state. Abroad there is also improvement, since it does not generate any type of noise pollution in city centers.

The torque delivery of an electric motor is instantaneous, so the throttle response is instantaneous and we do not have to be aware of the gear change. Another advantage for many drivers will be this one, there are no gears, so driving is simpler.

Some models even begin to incorporate paddles behind the steering wheel, these allow to vary the level of retention of the electric motor, which in decelerations has the ability to reverse its operation and recharge the battery taking advantage of the kinetic energy of the vehicle.

Disadvantages of the electric car
Like all good things, this also has an end, and we start with the disadvantages that electric vehicles currently have. Like any great change, the move to electric vehicles means that a series of factors, both internal and external to the automotive world, must evolve to improve performance.

The first negative point is the lack of charging infrastructure, both in UAE and in many other European countries. However, it must be recognized that some countries, especially the Nordic countries, are several steps ahead.

In this way we find a lack of charging points in certain areas of the Spanish geography. This happens especially when we move away from large urban centers, cities like Madrid and Barcelona begin to get used to charging points.

This forces us to have a good planning in our trips, especially when traveling, where it is vital to secure the recharging points so as not to get “stranded”. This setback is obviously not so pronounced in combustion cars, although there are also surprises when we over-rush the reserve.

This might not be so worrying if the range of electric cars were more generous, but again we have a drawback, since there are hardly any models that exceed 500 kilometers in the best of cases.

Current battery technology is perhaps the field of development that we will have to see most evolve in the coming years, perhaps the key to making the full transition to zero-emission vehicles possible.

Current batteries have other added problems in addition to the low autonomy, we refer to their weight, since they easily exceed 300 kilos in weight, which penalizes consumption and motor skills.

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